Yung Anoma1y with His First EP to be released This May

Author : AS SEO | Published On : 04 May 2021

(May 4, 2021): Having grown up in the Bronx River Projects Yung Anoma1y has been apt in playing instruments, writing poetry, drawing and so on. At the very early age only, he had a very strong foundation of writing and he had his poetry published. He moved on with his Bachelor of Science degree and well as his Master’s Degree. It was 2019 summer when he came up with his first song and recorded it. It had the wonderful title Yung Anoma1y- I Pray”. On May 15th 2021 he is releasing his 1st E.P. titled Pain to Paper. ‘I Remember the Days’ will be the lead song of the project.


This is his introduction to the vast industry of music. Since then Yung Anoma1y has been faithful in its presentation of his music and perfecting his crafts. He grew a perfect team around himself that made his endeavors all the more perfect. Through the meaningful lyrics of his songs that represent the things that he had faced in his life, the singer has been able to touch the hearts of the listeners. Also there is a melody that helps the song to come in the right presentation. The songs are such that they will offer the listeners everlasting messages. The songs are lyrics are extremely relatable. The songs are not merely for listening and sleeping at night. They have the perfect substance that makes the listeners, feel, think and realize life as never before.


When a musician has a strong team in making his music, then his mission is destined to be a success. This is what happened in case of Yung Anoma1y. He, along with his team, has come up with the best presentations. These songs are the team works. His upcoming EP will be of a melodic imagery.


About Yung Anoma1y

He is a poet and singer who has come up from the Bronx River Projects. He has been always with his creative spirits and from a very early time of his life. His new 1st E.P. will be released this May 15th.


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