WooCommerce vs Shopify - The Right Solution for You

Author : mmbo online | Published On : 16 Mar 2023

With global eCommerce sales reaching around a trillion dollars, it is the best time to launch an online store. For that, choosing the best eCommerce platform between WooCommerce vs Shopify is difficult. Though both of them are eCommerce giants with various benefits, they have some significant differences between them. Shopify is powerful, and reliable, and offers incredible templates and excellent customer support. On the other hand, WooCommerce, an open-source platform, turns any WordPress site into a powerful online store. For getting the most out of Shopify you can hire MMBO, the best Shopify web development company in Delhi NCRThis article would be discussing WooCommerce vs Shopify - the right choice for your business. 

How Do Both platforms Approach E-commerce?

Shopify is a complete eCommerce solution. It has everything one needs to launch an online store within minutes. As it is a hosted solution, you remain free about the technical requirements of running your online store. These aspects make Shopify an excellent option to create an eCommerce store fast. 

By contrast, WooCommerce is an open-source plugin that one adds to the WordPress CMS. If you’re a WordPress user, you can install and activate WooCommerce just like any other WordPress plugin. Unlike Shopify, here you need to purchase your eCommerce hosting. The right company for eCommerce website development Delhi can lighten your workload by taking care of many technical tasks. Though WooCommerce is more complex to set up and run, it gives you increased control over every aspect of your store. 

Pros and Cons of Each Platform

Difference between WooCommerce and Shopify:

  • Self-hosted: In WooCommerce, as an eCommerce solution, you will need to host it yourself and use WordPress as the CMS.

  • Hosted: Shopify hosts the software for you.

But one downside of Shopify is, as a hosted platform, you can only make changes that Shopify permits. WooCommerce does not pose these limits.

So, the main advantage WooCommerce has over Shopify is its flexibility which is important to deliver a unique customer experience. Shopify’s built-in hosting and ease of use make it a more attractive option to businesses. But, to design a custom shopping experience WooCommerce is a better choice.

How Easy Is It to Launch a Store on Each Platform?

In the case of creating a fully-functioning store ready to accept orders, Shopify is the winner. In WooCommerce, it is required to build a WordPress website, including purchasing web hosting and a domain name. WooCommerce has a handy setup wizard to guide you through the initial setup which includes adding a payment gateway, choosing your currency, and selecting your shipping methods. As a hosted eCommerce platform, Shopify handles much of the technical heavy lifting like hosting and a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate you need to launch an online store. 

Which Platform Is the Most Search Engine Friendly?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can impact the bottom line of an online store. Over 40 percent of the revenue of maximum eCommerce stores comes from organic traffic. WooCommerce’s code is optimized for SEO and one can add meta descriptions and titles to product pages and customize their URLs with the help of eCommerce website development Delhi. These actions can maximize the chances of your store pages’ appearing in relevant search engine results. Shopify also makes it effortless to add basic SEO info to your store by creating descriptions and titles for the product pages.

WooCommerce vs Shopify: How Secure Is Each Platform?

To sell physical products, a seamless shipping experience through eCommerce website development Delhi is necessary. A successful online store has access to customer information, including bank details which makes it an attractive target for hackers. Since it is a hosted platform, Shopify which comes with some essential security features built-in, including an SSL certificate is primarily responsible for protecting your store against hackers. By contrast, the WooCommerce plugin does not feature built-in security. 


To choose between WooCommerce and Shopify, study this quick recap about these two platforms:

In terms of Ease of Use between Shopify and WooCommerce, the winner is Shopify. As a Hosted software, Shopify includes all required hosting and security to build a brilliant online store. In terms of Build Time, the winner is Shopify which holds your hand through the process with all features ready. In the matter of Design and Themes, the winner is Shopify. With the help of a Shopify web development company in Delhi NCR, you can avail the benefits of seventy paid-for themes for a more curated, stylish look with options for customization. 

In Sales Features, Shopify is the clear winnerShopify has built-in abandoned cart recovery, unlimited products, discount codes, a website and blog, and various payment options. In Plugins and Integrations, the winner is WooCommerce which has a plugin Directory and extensions with features. In Payment Options and Transaction Fees, the winner is WooCommerce because it does not have transaction fees for third-party gateway payments, unlike Shopify.


Here are all the key differences between WooCommerce and Shopify to choose between. Shopify edges the battle with its superior ease of use, built-in sales tools, and quick build time. For infinite scalability, Shopify is the better choice. So, hire MMBO, the best Shopify web development company in Delhi NCR, to choose the right one according to your requirements and to deploy their interactive services for conversions for your brand.