Will AI dominate our lives? Student article

Author : Asif Musa | Published On : 02 Nov 2023

The following post was written by Guilherme Costa as part of an article writing competition in Liberty's morning upper intermediate class last term. Guilherme is from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and he's currently studying in the morning advanced class.

In our present world, we already can say that “Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without" – Merovingian (The Matrix Reloaded). In a fictional future, like in the Matrix, you don’t have a choice to avoid domination by artificial intelligence (AI). I’ll show you today that you have the choice and can control your own life! 

When we go to the streets and talk with normal people, most of them don't know anything or care about AI. But the reality is that AI already changes their lives everyday. As has happened since the first factory revolution, robots will take your job in the near future. But you don’t have to be upset about it, you only have to be prepared for the future. And I will explain to you what will happen and how to be prepared in the easiest way possible. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Now a truth about the future: the robots will take your place! Yes. And you don’t have to worry about it, because you will be prepared. Furthermore, most of them will come to facilitate your life. Can you imagine a world where you will receive breakfast in bed without having to get married? (And we know sometimes we don’t have this privilege even if we are married.) You know those shoes you’re obsessed with buying? Drones and robots will deliver it for you in a few minutes. You can say goodbye to shopping! 

Okay, but if the robots will take my place, how can I have the money to buy things, or even survive? The response is in a thing called Society 6.0. It’s like a Matrix, but improved. The government and companies will know everything about your behaviours and habits. Scary, no? However, the good thing is: You will not have to work anymore! Woohoo! Most people will not need to work in the future, however, they will be controlled by the Matrix. Instead of working, the new way to earn money will be the data you sell to companies. You would have no freedom in this case, right? It is only in your hands to be prepared for the future and choose jobs or careers which cannot be replaced, in areas like business and psychology, for example. Another way is to start a new business, using technology in your favour. 

You can choose whether to trust in this new future or not, but you will never know until it happens. To be prepared is the best way to survive and avoid the Matrix. What will be your life in the future? Do you want to be the guy who buys the data and has control of society, or do you want to be Neo before taking the red pill? As I said, your destiny is only in your hands!