Why Your Body Wash Selection Is More Critical Than You Might Think?

Author : Micheal Jordon | Published On : 12 Jan 2022

The majority of us wash our bodies at least once a day (two or three times if we've been on the treadmill or mat). However, do we really consider the substance we pick to lather up with?

There are plenty of options. And when confronted with a sea of fragrances in the cosmetics department, it's often the perfume that closes the sale. After all, who doesn't like to scent of vanilla and jasmine?

However, your body wash selection is more critical than you may believe. Indeed, your skin is the greatest organ in your body. Therefore, just as you should be careful about torturing your liver with alcohol or exposing your heart to additional bacon, you should also be concerned about what you're covering your skin with.

Consider the Following When Choosing a Body Wash

1 - Moisture-Resistant

The majority of cleaning washes function by thoroughly washing the body of everything on the skin's surface. While this removes any perspiration, grime, or buildup from a poor day, it also removes the body's natural oils.

These oils moisturise and soften our skin while also acting as a protective barrier. It is critical to pick a natural oil body wash that is moisturising,' 'non-drying,' or 'hydrating,' as this will assist in replenishing the oil that has been lost.

2 - A Non-Toxic Surfactant

Have you ever attempted to clean a filthy pan with just water? It is ineffective. This is because grime and grease are lipophilic substances, which means they do not dissolve in water.

Each body wash will have both a hydrophilic (water-soluble) and a lipophilic (fat-soluble) component, which is necessary for cleaning the body. When these two components are combined, they form a surfactant, which is responsible for 'cleaning' you.

3 - Naturally Fragrant

The pleasant aroma of certain body wash products is what first pulls us to them. However, be cautious: certain fragrances may not be as delicious as they seem.

On a cosmetic ingredients list, the vague term 'fragrance' might refer to any number of unidentified compounds. And they are often synthetic.

Therefore, pick items that are naturally perfumed. If the label does not state otherwise, you may determine this from the ingredients list.

Avoid harsh surfactants such as lye when selecting a natural oil body wash. Rather than that, search for washing products that include lipophilic chemicals produced from natural sources, such as Lauryl Glucoside or Sodium Coco-Sulfate, both derived from coconut oil.