Why to Choose Solis S26 Tractor for Farming

Author : akash mishra | Published On : 13 Jan 2022

Solis tractors are far and wide known for their tough performance, high backup torque, great fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost, futuristic mechanics and comfort. Solis tractors are the only Indian company to deliver services in 33 countries in Europe, reaching a sale of 12,000 tractors in a year across the continent. They are an absolute example of value for money. Solis tractors can surprise you with more abilities than expected. Their mini tractor come in 3 ranges – S series, N series and H series. All of these tractor ranges have tractors that are extremely durable, economical and versatile, which makes them a perfect fit for any farming situation.

The primary reason of the S series is to deliver excellent value for money and advanced ergonomics in the fields. All the tractor from this series are highly productive, economical and fuel-efficient as well. This series offers five versatile tractors. S 20, this tractor is perfect for hobby or small-sized farms and private farms. The sturdy engine and better transmission amplifies growth & allows you to work efficiently with top-class performance. S 26 This is the most versatile tractor from the series, delivering extra comfort and potential in every endeavour. The hydraulic power steering and the extra efficient engine help in reducing operational stress. S 26 shuttle XL, this specially built with a synchromesh shuttle lever and 9×9 gear, adds extra comfort to every farming venture. S 50, this mighty tractor is the perfect farming companion. The easy gear shift, smooth transmission and unmatched potential enable us to endure all terrain conditions. S 75, this sturdy tractor is well known for its high backup torque and lifting capacity. The powerful CRDI engine boosts productivity and works like an Agri-professional when attracted with heavy implementation. S 90, This tractor is designed to tackle jobs like haulage, industrial and loader applications. Also, its synchromesh transmission adds excellence to every performance.

SOLIS offers a gamut of farming solution with a quite a diverse range of Tractors for different purposes and applications. One tractor from the range is SOLIS S26 which is a great solution for hobby farming. The Tractor comes loaded with a power-packed Mitsubishi Engines. One of the key defining factors for the Tractor is it’s build that personifies compactness and maneuverability. The Tractor is designed to demand low maintenance and comes equipped with better cooling and high torque that enhances the efficiency of this tough performer.

The applications of this compact tractor vary from farming to gardening. Especially the Farmers, who are looking to pursue the craft of farming and gardening as a hobby. The Tractor offers ease of operations in a majority of tasks related to cutting the grass and mowing the garden. The Tractor also enables versatility and productivity with multiple equipment and tools irrespective of the size of the farms.

SOLIS has created a niche in the global market with this SOLIS S26 as it comes loaded with extra features and capabilities like battery cut-off switch, PTO Monitor lamp, Operator Presence Control, Auto-Hitch and much more.