Why Should You Get a New Roof Before Selling Your House?

Author : Robert Johnson | Published On : 26 Sep 2021

When it comes to selling your house, a new roof is always a strong marketing asset. As your real estate agent is likely to tell you, buyers value a new roof because it eliminates the hassle of re-roofing. After purchasing a home, the majority of buyers are unable to afford large expenses, such as a new roof installation. To be on the safe side, they may just decline to make an offer on the house with an older roof. Does this imply that installing a new roof will improve the value of your home? It depends.

A roof that is nearing the climax of its useful life or is leaking will detract from the value of your house and should be replaced. However, investing in premium shingles may not always result in the increase in house value that you anticipate. It isn't simple to quantify precisely how much a new roof will improve the value of your house.

You'll need to consider variables like the roof's condition, the real estate market situation, and buyer preferences. These are at least three things you need to consider:

1 – Real Estate Market Conditions

Adding a new roof does not always enhance the value of a house. The general state of the property market has an effect on the value of all house improvements. Consult with local appraisers and real estate brokers to get a better understanding of the market circumstances in your area.

2 - The Existing Roof's Condition

Maintaining a healthy roof is considered a necessary component of house upkeep. The majority of house purchasers will expect the roof to be in excellent shape, and will be very hesitant to purchase if it is not.

3 - The New Shingles That You've Selected

Your choice of shingles may affect the amount of money you get for your new roof. Traditional shingles may deter buyers if they can purchase a house in the same area with designer shingles. Additionally, you must remember that the designer shingles you choose should complement the neighborhood.

Bear in mind that replacing a roof is a far more complex project than painting a room or even replacing bathroom tile. No buyer will want to replace the roof just because they dislike the shingle color. Rather than that, they will just not submit an offer.

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