Why should a gynecologist get RGUHS Certified training in Reproductive Medicine from GGIRHR?

Author : Saira Banu | Published On : 12 Sep 2021

Why should a gynecologist get RGUHS Certified training in Reproductive Medicine from GGIRHR?

GGIRHR is a premier fertility training organization and offers comprehensive training programs in reproductive medicine. Students who pass out of GGIRHR can start and run a fertility practice of their own or join any IVF centre and start a career there. This is because the course covers all aspects of fertility treatment – from patient selection and consultation up to ovum pick-ups, embryo transfers and much more.

The highlights of the course are:

•        18 months residential program where you will work with the top fertility specialists of India to learn from their experience, knowledge and expertise.

•        Extensive Hands-on with guidance from expert fertility specialists - from initial consultations to end procedures of OPU & ET.

•        Wide exposure to get trained on different case scenarios, at any of our five branches located across Bangalore.

•        Avail Comprehensive Ultrasound Scan course for free – which costs Rs.1,18,000/-.

 •        Succinct exposure to all aspects of andrology and embryology.

 •        Avail online access to entire course content, throughout the tenure.

 •        Opportunity to associate and work on research projects and submit thesis for post-doctoral studies.

 •        Opportunity to be part of infertility health camps and GGIRHR CME’s & conferences

For more information:

Visit: https://www.ggirhr.com/edu-course/rguhs-fellowship-course/ Call: +91 89711 51111

Email: training@ggirhr.com