Why Do Kids Love Flavoured Tarts So Much?

Author : Vikrant Singh Singh | Published On : 04 May 2023

From an early age, children become fond of both sweet and savoury foods with candy, chocolates, and cakes being most popular. Amongst these, tarts are a sweet dish with a unique blend of flavour and texture like an open pie with a small round shell-like crust that contains delicious fillings such as chocolate, cream, custard, fruit, etc.


Tarts have different recipes that fall under either baking the tart with fillings or first bake the shell and then add fillings. Despite this difference, all tarts follow a signature style of fillings and keep it top open without crust. Tarts also have a sweet and savoury flavour. The levels of these mixture vary based on the ingredients. The famous flavours include chocolate, lemon, and fruit.


Types of tarts


Chocolate tarts


They use ingredients like butter, flour, chocolate, sugar, and dairy cream. This dish is made using rich and savoury chocolate ganache surrounded by crisp buttery pastry shell that is topped by rice crisps. It is loved by kids due to the primary flavour of chocolate that contains tryptophan that helps the brain produce serotonin, making people feel happy.


Chocolate tarts also have a chocolaty flavour that complements buttery crispy dough which adds to the mind-blowing flavour.  It blends with the milky sweet flavor of chocolate with the rich buttery flavour of the crust.


Lemon tarts


These are dishes made of flour, eggs, lemon, butter, whipped cream, edible colour, and condensed milk. They use golden brown buttery pastry shells as a base with rich and creamy lemon curd fillings. Studies show that kids love such flavours and prefer intense colours, especially the thrill seekers who love trying new food.


The sour flavour of lemon tarts also sends an electrical jolt to their brain, same as when people taste ‘chilly’ that helps them develop a taste for such dishes. 


Fruit tarts


These are also delicious tarts made of eggs, flour, butter, fruits, milk, and whipped cream. These dishes use crispy buttery pastry shells that are filled with smooth vanilla cream and assortment of fresh fruit. The most popular flavours amongst kids are strawberry, blueberry, or other berry flavours. Kids prefer such tarts partially for same reasons as chocolate or lemon tarts.


Another reason kids like them are owing to the freshness and natural flavour of fruit that cannot be found in artificial flavours.