Why Choose Organic Wine?

Author : Tatiana Zakaidze Zakaidze | Published On : 23 Oct 2021


Organic is no more a buzzword. It’s here, and the organic food industry has been skyrocketed over the last few years. In fact, the ever-increasing health-conscious among healthy eaters have significantly affected the choices regarding what to eat and drink. This trend hasn’t spared the wine industry as well. Consumer’s demand for organic wines, including biodynamic and natural organic wine, has increased over the past few decades.

So, what about you? Is the wine you are drinking is healthy? Are you wondering whether or not to switch to organic wines? Indeed, organic wines are a better choice compared to traditional wines. Unlike natural wines, traditional wine is loaded with flavour manipulators, colouring agents, and stabilisers, which are harmful to your health. Still not convinced? The following reasons might be convincing to buy organic wine over traditional one:-

Natural and Safe to Consume

The grapes used in conventional wine are grown with herbicides and pesticides to kill the harmful weeds and insects that attack the crop, affecting the yield. A recent study shows that about 90% of traditional wines contain the pesticides used when growing the crop. Although it doesn't cross the threshold levels of toxicity in traditional wines, there's always a risk of accumulation effect with the human body in the long run.

This’s not the case with naturally produced wines. The entire agricultural method of growing organic wine is different, and it’s maintained by practicing natural methods. The best organic wine producers make sure to practice natural methods right from the soil to sip. Hence, organically produced natural wines are safe to consume.

Less Sugar Content

The sweetness present in the organic wines comes from the grapes, which is a natural occurrence. The sugar is converted into alcohol during the fermentation process, resulting in wine. Conventional wine producers add sugar to sweeten a wine, whether to mask the quality of grapes or because consumers like the taste of a bit of sweetness. Contrary to this, natural wine doesn’t have any added sugars. This is the best option for people with diabetes.

No Additives

Sulphuric acid, colouring agents, taste enhancers, and pesticides aren’t found in organic wines. However, organic wine producers tend to use organic-approved additives carefully in such a way that doesn’t affect consumer’s health.

As you see, organic wines are a better option compared to conventional wines. However, not all natural wines are made equally. So, it’s important to choose genuine organic wine producers who’re certified and practice sustainable methods.

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