Which is better - Direct ordering Or Third-Party Order Apps?

Author : Martha Davis | Published On : 28 Sep 2021

With online ordering systems becoming the new demand for people, restaurants need to make use of this system to recover from the loss incurred in the pandemic. Many have realised the importance of online ordering and started their online ordering system to encourage their customers to keep buying from them. However, some could start their own ordering systems while others rely on the third-party systems.

It is quite surprising to find that the delivery and takeout system has generated a huge amount of revenue in today’s date which is almost triple. A report says that it has reached a huge $300 billion due to the pandemic. Some of the best JLT restaurants have observed the current upsurge in the market and have started enjoying the real advantages.

If you have just stepped into the online ordering system or might have worked with a few, this article will offer you the guidance to help you make the correct decision.

A brief Comparison on Direct Online Ordering Vs. Third Party App:

Let us start from the very basics. Even when both the names are quite different, they are still the same to customers as they have to use technology and they will get the food delivered at their doorstep. But from the restaurant’s perspective, it is quite a different thing.

Third party App: there are many delivery apps available in the market that offer the people a huge directory of restaurants that they wish to choose. Here the customers will find a range of options unlike just the menu you are offering which brings them to the third party apps.

Integrated with the payment option enables the customer to make the payments pretty much easily. When your customers come to the third party app and if you have tied up with them, they can easily find you when they are looking for something similar to what you are offering.

When they choose you, your restaurant will receive the order, confirm it, then enter that order to POS and prepare it to be picked and sent to the customers. One of the advantages of these delivery apps is that you will not have to manage it. However, for all the services they are offering, they will charge somewhere around 10 to 30%.

During the covid while people are not allowed to move out of their houses and they were looking for their food to get delivered, many vegan restaurants in Abu Dhabi started relying on the third party app. Thus to manage the loss, this was the only choice. However, the question is still the same, if these third-party apps are really reliable or not.

Direct Online Ordering Systems:

Having the in-house online ordering system can be the right solution for your restaurant that will remain live on the restaurants. This will give your customers the confirmation that you are the one to take the order and you will offer the right food.

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After the pandemic, many restaurants have started this online ordering system and are enjoying a great profit from it. This might take an investment but this offers reliability. Even if you are more into offering great rewards or discounts, you can stay assured that your customers will value it. Unlike the third party apps that do not have any particular restaurant discounts, these online ordering systems can make it prominent to your customers about your offering.

Bottom Line: if you are thinking which is best then the answer is still not prominent. No wonder that direct online apps can be valuable but when you are going less on your finances, third-party apps can be an answer.

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