Where is the Braces Treatment Clinic in Marion?

Author : Jaxon Allen | Published On : 24 Sep 2021

Well, pediatrics orthodontics goes far beyond the traditional braces in Marion and there are many other important options to consider when it comes to treating your child’s smile. There are solutions and appliances that will solve the orthodontic issue much before they become a problem later. If you see that your child’s baby teeth is falling out at an immature stage – either due to any injury or due to some quirk of biology, they may face a problem later in their lives. The first molars are likely to creep forward in the absence of any teeth to obstruct the motion. This can lead to severe crowding. The Nance fixes this with two metal bands that will wrap around the upper molars, braced against a button covering a section of the palate.

Similar to the Nance, we have the lower lingual holding arch. The arch does the same for the lower teeth. In this case, two metal bands attach to two lower teeth. These metal bands are cemented to the lower teeth, there is no contact with any gums or soft tissues and thus, there is no sign of any irritation. Though with both the Nance and the lower holding arch, thoroughly oral hygiene is critical. As a parent, you must ensure that no food gets trapped in the mouth between the appliances.

In case, your child’s alignment is severe, twin blocks are the answer may be. As and when the child’s bone and gums develop, there are chances for the jaw to become misaligned. An over jet is a common condition when the top teeth stick out much farther than the normal bottom teeth. The condition can be solved with the help of two fitted blocks one each behind the lower and the upper teeth with the help of affixed dual plates. These blocks will push the child’s jaw in its optimal position. The twin blocks are also useful in avoiding toothaches and any kind of cosmetic orthodontic treatment in the future. Early intervention orthodontics is very important and you must pay attention to your child’s teeth the moment the baby teeth start falling off. There is no need to fear from these dental appliances, we can help you here. Even if your child requires braces in Marion, we shall help you deal with the nuances of getting braces in the mouth.

We specialize in all kinds of orthodontics. Whether it is a child, a teenager or an adult, we know what kind of treatments will suit which patient. We have treated a number of patients in the past and we know what is right for you. It is time to take a call, bring your child to us and we will ensure that he has a safe orthodontic passage with us.

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