What you really need to know about internet dating

Author : Jaroinn Mss | Published On : 15 May 2021

The fact that internet dating does not work has various causes for men. The most costly causes are: hornyness and wanting a woman just a little too much.

Obviously, as a healthy single man, you long for warmth and love from a woman and sex. But because we are often not really convinced that we will be able to do this via the internet, it should not take too much effort, and preferably not money.

Of course, there are handy ores who misuse this fact and put together dating sites on which you can write for free and on which you can easily meet more hot girls than you have ever seen in one place.

In order to lure you to their dating site, you are tempted through the internet and also email in various ways and by the most beautiful women (at least that is what the pictured picture suggests) to contact her, and other beautiful women, on that conscious dating site.

And as if a miracle has happened, on this dating on cuckold websites you suddenly get a response to your messages. That is, as long as you keep pulling your wallet and paying properly for every message you want to send.

Or even worse, you would really like to meet that sweet woman you got to know via the internet, but she is in serious financial trouble, so that is not possible at the moment. And when a woman only acts sweet and pathetic enough and also adds some beautiful promises, many men quickly pull their haircut to help out financially.

Many a man has already been conned in these or similar ways via internet dating. But that certainly does not have to happen to you if you remember one thing very carefully from now on:

It is highly unusual for a beautiful young healthy attractive woman to contact a man via the internet just like that. As well as sending exciting photos of themselves. Also, a woman often only tells about herself when she trusts you and shows your genuine interest in her. And will only let you know that she's looking forward to meeting you when the appointment is set and she's on her way to you.

Anything that deviates from that can be considered too good to be true.

And also on the internet, it is certainly true that if something is too good to be true, it is.