What Should You Know Before Buying Your First Inflatable SUP Board?

Author : Aquaride Paddleboards | Published On : 31 Jan 2024

Doesn’t it seem to be fun hitting the water with your inflatable SUP board whenever you want, on your terms? It’s time that you break free and invest in a good-quality inflatable SUP board that you can use all year round.

But because it’s a significant investment, you want to make sure that you buy the best inflatable SUP board that meets your needs. So, how do you make a choice?

To help you make an easy choice, we have come up with a few things that you should know before buying your first-ever inflatable SUP board.

• Measurements

Inflatable SUP boards come in different thicknesses, lengths, and widths. You must be sure about what you are looking for. For beginners, a board that has a thickness between 4 and 6 inches should be fine as it will be sturdier and you can easily start off.  
Talking about the lengths, these boards come in different lengths and the best ones should be 10’6 or 10’8 depending on your weight and height. Also, a wide board is what we recommend. Boards that are narrow are better suited for people who want to race or tour. But for others, something around 32 inches should be fine. Rest, you can always ask the experts to suggest the best options for your requirements.

• Weight Capacity

Each paddle board comes with a certain rider weight capacity that you must always check. It’s essential to check the board’s weight capacity because if you are heavier for the board, it will ride lower in the water and may not even paddle properly. So, when you are thinking about the weight capacity, make sure that you consider the total amount of weight that you will put on the board. It must include your body weight, the weight of gear, food, drinks, etc. that you will be taking with you.

• Your Budget

Well, this goes without saying that budget plays a major role in your inflate paddle board purchase. You can’t just go into the market or scroll through websites without deciding a budget for yourself. So, before you get lost in the world of paddle boards and styles, set your budget. You can find boards in every budget on the market. You just have to understand what your pocket allows before you make up your mind. Just saying, you can find a great paddle board under USD 300 that fits all your requirements if you buy from Aquaride.

• Check the Reviews

Although a paddle board would be your choice entirely, looking for what others have to say about the one you are considering can really amaze you. So, before you make a decision, just take a moment to Google the board you want to buy and check what others have to say about it. Always consider your requirements and see how well the board has worked with people with the same requirements. This way you can make the best decision for yourself.

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