What’s the difference between ui and ux?

Author : Naina Patel | Published On : 26 Aug 2021

Users are always confused about the difference between UI & UX design. In fact, both UI & UX designs are completely different. So contact graphic design company in Surat to know that.

UI design is the user interface that seems to be a part of appearance and website.UX Design is all about the user experience with the product.

UX and UI are not the same. However, they work together to create pleasant and exciting experiences for humans navigating the digital world.

If you are curious about what UX and UI mean and how they differ, then you have come to the right place. Read below to know the difference between UI & UX.

What is UI design?

“UI stands for User Interface”. It is a digital term. User Interface design focuses on the look and layout. It determines how the interface works and how people interact with it. Everything we design on the screen comes under UI design. Users find it easy to use and enjoyable. This is a very important element. Which allows users to trust the brand. The main purpose of UI is to use designer design tools.

What does a UI designer do?

Let us discuss what a UI designer really is. The role of the user interface designer is to understand the customer, what it means to understand the target audience, to interview the customer, to define the user flow, and to test the user. The user interface designer is responsible for creating the look of the website. They are tasked with designing the user interface from the user's point of view. They are asked to solve specific design problems. The goal of UI design is to create an intuitive user interface.

A more comprehensive explanation of what a UI designer actually does can be found below.

  • Analysis for the customer

  • Design research for the customer

  • Graphic and branding development

  • Appearance and realization on the competitive analysis

  • Visual design including typography, buttons, color palette

  • Interaction design of animation, interactivity, including prototypes

What is UX design?

“UX stands for User Experience”, this is the process by which the UX designer experiences the surroundings of the product. This process involves development, refinement, quality interaction between the user and all aspects of the company. UX design creates a product or service that provides a pleasurable experience for the user which ultimately increases user satisfaction and loyalty. UX design takes into account all the elements to shape a great user experience. UX design also covers a wide range of many other areas.

What does a UX designer do?

UX designers are concerned with what the product looks like. UX designers offer solutions to many different approaches to solving a specific user problem. UX designers work with different types depending on the company and the project. UX Designer focuses on many aspects of product development such as design, usability, function and branding, and marketing. It also includes identifying new opportunities for production and business.

What does a UX designer really do? A further explanation is as follows.

  • Research for user

  • Provides competitor analysis and research on users.

  • Creates a strategy for production.

  • Makes prototypes and wireframes.

  • content Develops 

  • Testing Provides

Difference between UI design and UX design?

UI design

UX design

UI design means User Interface Design.

UX Design means User Experience Design.

UI design is a process that primarily focuses on what the surfaces of a particular product look like.

UX design focuses on everything that affects the user's journey to solve a problem.

UI uses interactive elements on all platforms and is the process of providing visual guidance to the user through the product interface.

UX design involves research, testing, development, materials, and prototyping.

UI design sends brand strength and visual wealth into the product’s interface.

UX Design is developing and improving the quality interaction between the user and all elements of the company.

UI design is usually visual design and information design around the screen.

UX design is a perfect experience that can't be limited to the screen.

UI design is based on research and user needs.

UX design is based on customer needs.

How do UI design and UX design work together?

Although there are differences, UI and UX are not completely different. On the contrary, both elements are crucial and work together to determine how the product will look and work, influencing each other. These two are compatible with equal attention. There are design branches.

UI and UX are complementary aspects of web design, incomplete without each other. UX has more information-based projections of what the customer will feel when they are on your website, taking into account the UI design patterns and the minimal details of the details. It's about making it enjoyable.

UX design concerns ease of use. UX is a concept or rather a feeling. On the other hand, UI includes elements, tools, technical information, and digital interfaces that are directly related to the design process.


Summarize the differences between UI and UX design. Both UI and UX designs work with each other, but there are some major differences between their work patterns and the skills required. The user experience is considered a global term because it defines the user's emotions when interacting with the application. On the other hand, the user interface is a part of the user experience that enables users to interact with the product and make a first impression.