What Kind of Chew Toy Should I Get My Dog?

Author : Slack Tony | Published On : 22 May 2021

When you visit the pet store, you’ll find all sorts of chew toys available. How do you know what to pick? It turns out that you should choose to chew toys for your dog’s specific needs. Learn more here from a vet Plano, TX.

Toys made for action.

Does your dog need to get out their energy? Choose a toy that allows them to do that. Something as simple as a ball is always a good option, especially if you have the time to play fetch with Fido. A rope toy is another good option and can keep a dog occupied while they burn some calories.

Toys made for comfort.

Comfort-based toys are usually soft plushies that a dog uses to comfort themselves. They’re particularly useful for puppies, but adult dogs often like them as well. Just make sure Fido doesn’t eat squeakers or bits of plastic that could cause intestinal blockage.

Toys made to distract.

Puzzle toys, perhaps with food hidden inside, are good examples of distraction toys. They’re particularly helpful if you have to leave your dog at home alone.

Want more advice on the best chew toys for your canine friend? Call your veterinarian Plano, TX today.