What Is The Need For A Power Of Attorney Form?

Author : Carl Glendon | Published On : 14 Jan 2022

A Power of Attorney is a legally binding document that is signed by a person (referred to as the principal) and another individual (referred to as attorney-in-fact). The attorney-in-fact is supposed to act on behalf of the principal, and carry out some specific activities denoted by the latter. The principal authorizes the attorney-in-fact with the power to act for him / her and fulfill his / her wishes according to some specific guidelines. When exactly is a power of attorney form in Georgia needed? Read on and find out!

Lack of capability or expertise

It is often that you find some other person more capable of handling a specific situation or activity than you. In such cases, you might like that individual to handle activities of such nature on your behalf. You can be assured that the task will be handled more efficiently by that person and you can appoint him or her as your attorney-in-fact. A Power of Attorney document can be useful in such cases.

Through this document, you can authorize that person with the power to work for you and use his expertise or ability to handle such activities in a proper way.

During the loss of your mental or physical faculties

It is quite possible that you might lose your physical or mental faculties due to some reason, such as an accident or illness or even due to advancing age. In all such cases, your pending duties and tasks will be left unattended and unfulfilled. A Power of attorney can be useful in such cases.

The attorney-in-fact can act on your behalf and keep attending to the remaining tasks for as long as they lie incomplete or up to a particular time period that you specify through the power of attorney form free document.

When you are absent from the scene

When you are absent from the scene, such as when you go out of state or out of the country, the attorney-in-fact can step into your shoes and work on your behalf to keep attending to your daily tasks in your place until you come back.

You can specify which tasks will be handled by the person and up to what extent so that there is no misuse of the authorities that you bestow on the individual.


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