What Is FAR Refresher Course?

Author : johny musks | Published On : 23 Nov 2021

Have you heard about FAR Refresher Course? You might be interested in learning more about this course. If so, you are in the right place. Before understanding this course, you should first know what is this course stands for. FAR Refresher course stands for First Aid Refresher course.

What is First Aid Responder Course?

FAR Refresher course is generally offered as a three-day PHECC Registered course. In most instances, the course will be of at least 18 hours of teaching time. This course will train the course takers with the knowledge required for providing first aid. In general providing first aid is the initial step before an injured person is taken to a hospital. Even, some course providers would have included the full PHECC Cardiac First Response community standard as a part of the FAR Refresher course.

Is Occupational First Aid Certification Still Valid?

You might have got occupational first aid certification earlier. But, now the QQI Occupational First Aid course is replaced by the PHECC First Aid Response course. So, the certificate you have on occupational first aid will be valid until its expiry date. Then, you will have to take the first aid responder course.

What is the Course Duration?

The FAR refresher course is offered for two days with both theoretical and practical education. It will have at least 12 hours of teaching time. However, you cannot expect the same duration from all institutions. Some will be offering it online in which case, the practical education will be provided using an e-learning platform. Even, this method of education and training differs from one course provider to another. So, the idea here is to choose the right institution to take up this course. When you choose the right institution, you can expect the best study materials and delivery of both theoretical and practical education from a reputed institution.

You are looking to take up the FAR Refresher course because you know the importance of first aid training in your workplace. When you have one or more employees with this certification, you can stay confident that you are getting the best training. Even, you can get support even after the completion of the course. This will be an added advantage to get clarifications instantly. When you get these clarifications, you can move on with confidence. In turn, you can attend to the first aid needs of your fellow employees at the workspace just in case a medical emergency occurs.