What Happens If You Miss A Latam Flight?

Author : Airways Manage Booking | Published On : 13 Feb 2024

Planning a trip requires a lot of preparation but extenuating circumstances can arise that cause you to miss your LATAM flight. If this has happened to you on LATAM Airlines, don’t panic. LATAM Airlines missed flight policy allows you to rebook your flight for a fee. By navigating through this article, travelers can ensure that they have the necessary information to deal with a missed LATAM Airlines flight.

Understanding LATAM Airlines Missed Flight

It is essential to educate yourself about LATAM Airlines missed flight policy if you miss a flight. This is an overview:

  • No Show Policy: Latam Airlines can also enforce a No Show policy if a passenger makes a mistake and misses the LATAM flight. The loss of flight and improved rights, as well as the incapability to look for a refund and the automated cancellation of the return flight in roundtrip bookings, are among the repercussions.
  • Refunds: LATAM Airlines missed flight policy states that refunds are generally not given for non-essential trips. Serious emergencies may also qualify for an exception, although documentation is required as evidence.
  • Rescheduled Flight: Passengers who anticipate delays may contact Latam customer service agents to reschedule the same flight. Alternatively, passengers have until the next day to cancel the current flight and book a new flight.
  • Standby List: LATAM Airlines keeps a standby listing for passengers who miss their flight, permitting them to get a seat if last-minute cancellations occur.

Latam Airlines Missed Flight Compensation Policy

Passengers who miss their flight due to the airline’s fault are eligible for the following benefits from LATAM Airlines:

  • If a round-trip flight is missed, LATAM Airlines offers a follow-up flight at the same ticket price.
  • If a connecting flight is delayed, compensation may include a refund of the last distance traveled.
  • LATAM Airlines makes hotel arrangements at the nearest hotel and helps while waiting for the next connecting flight.
  • The airline is in charge of any incorrect bags sent via cargo.
  • Customers may reject the rescheduled flight and seek a full refund of the tour voucher or the entire fee.

How to rebook a missed Flight with LATAM Airlines?

Passengers can use the Latam Airlines customer service and online portal on the Latam Airlines official website to rebook their missed LATAM flight. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the LATAM Airlines official website.
  2. Select “My Trips” by clicking on it from the navigation bar.
  3. Select the “Manage Your Trips” option now.
  4. Complete the information and search for the rebooking option.
  5. Choose the dates for the flight by clicking on “Rebook Flight.”
  6. If necessary, pay the fee and look for the confirmation email.

You can quickly and without any trouble, rebook your missed Latam flight online by way of following these instructions.


Immediate action is necessary to deal with the missed flight situation with LATAM Airlines. Through timely discussion with Latam Airlines customer service, provision of important details, and analysis of convenient options, visitors can handle the rescheduling or re-booking process efficiently.