What Causes The Bearing to Be Easily Damaged?

Author : Bingzhi Ding | Published On : 14 Oct 2021

The main reason for bearing damage is long-term use, the internal grease is quickly damaged, the internal water is rusty, and the beads are not running smoothly. The bearing bead net is broken when the bearing is running under strong power. The beads are scattered and the wheels cannot run normally. In some cases, the internal operation of the bearing is not smooth, and the outer circle is enlarged by the strong driving force, which causes more serious problems.

Motorcycle Bearing Manufacturer

The quality of the bearing manufacturers is uneven, there are some manufacturing process problems, and the quality of the butter added in it is also different. In order to reduce the cost of the quality of the butter, some manufacturers generally use the ordinary type. In actual operation, the heat resistance and wear resistance of the bearing are reduced, and the service cycle is not long.

No need to add butter when installing electric vehicles and motorcycles

The bearings of the front wheels of electric bikes are broken after riding for a period of time. Some customers come to replace them and ask to replace them with the best ones. It can take more time. The bearings of the original bikes are broken after a few years have not been used. When installing the bearings, some people say that adding more ring oil will take longer, and they must add more butter.

The open bearing is filled with butter, so there is no need to add it. Some bearings were opened and found that there was only half of the butter, which needed to be added, and even a small amount of butter was added to some bearings, which required a proper amount of butter.

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