What are the top 5 Marketplaces Offering Farm Produce in Perth

Author : henry thomas | Published On : 12 Jan 2022

Perth is iconic for its seemingly endless stretched sand cover which is stark white in color. Located 3300 km from Sydney, Perth is an ideal study destination for university students. This Western Australian capital also has the best student housing options available with great marketplaces nearby the accommodations. This makes it extremely convenient for students to go ahead with their shopping of freshly grown vegetables and fruits and other fresh grown products. With prestigious universities like University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Murdoch University, and Edith Cowan University, close to this student housing also makes the commute an easy to go task. The student accommodation Perth is within walking distance from the different markets that offer freshly grown farm produce and more.

Kyilla Community Farmers’ Market

Students have access to marketplaces to fill their kitchen counter with fresh produce that are freshly grown and brought to the nearby farmers market. There are some good bargains that take place at the Kyilla Community Farmers’ Market which is just adjacent to the Kyilla Primary School having its contact information on Clieveden Street in North Perth. The market is open all Saturdays with students visiting the market for great bargains while enjoying some barista-brewed coffee.

Perth City Farm

The Perth city farm has its own charm when it comes to getting hold of fresh produce. It is just located in the heart of the CBD area which is none other than a shopper’s delight for all who visit, especially students. They find this market easy to bargain and get the best price. This market is a set up which is available to sell items from Monday through Friday. The best part about this market is shoppers can interact with local growers who always sell freshly grown farm products and you can get hold of affordable stuff at great prices. There are all organic products available that are free from any kind of pollutants. There are also shops for meat and eggs and even organic clothes. These markets are also close to student accommodation near Edith Cowan University.

Joondalup Growers’ Market

The Joondalup Growers’ Market laid its foundation in the year 2017 and ever since has been a community meeting place to help visitors bond socially and mingle with local food aficionados. Students living in student accommodation near Murdoch University can throng the market for a great range of artisan food products while savoring fresh coffee and a tasty breakfast. So you can have the best of everything in the market and also enjoy its close proximity to the student accommodations.

Grower’s Green Farmers’ Market

This is a great market alternative to all those who are looking for genuine products but at an affordable throw away price. While shopping for the favorite stuff, shoppers can enjoy some live music while snacking on some delicious Vietnamese, Moroccan, Italian, Turkish food. A bigger market is out on display every first Sunday of the month with more stalls selling vintage and hand-made clothing, jewellery, crafts and books.

So these markets can be the best place to make your veggie shopping a paradise for those looking for great bargains. Students, therefore, can get a vibe that they can save a lot on their monthly budget to keep it aside as their savings while also staying in affordable student accommodation Perth. Students who want to look for the best place to saved some bucks and really for these markets and get the fresh blend of farm produce anytime of the year.