What Are The Important Criterias Required For Applying For Grenada Dual Citizenship?

Author : Levi Board | Published On : 14 Sep 2021

Grenada is a very popular destination in the Caribbean Islands. It is often referred to as the Spice Island because of the numerous spices that are grown locally. In the last few years, Grenada has become a popular destination amongst high net investors because of the many exciting opportunities available there. Besides sailing, diving, attractive beaches, excellent restaurants and numerous festivities round the year; you can enjoy Grenada dual citizenshipThe moment you become a citizen of Grenada, you will enjoy the below mentioned facilities:

  • Visa-free travel to over 125 countries, including Europe’s Schengen zone.
  • No tax on worldwide income. You income is completely tax-free, you don’t owe anything to the government.
  • There is no need to physically stay in Grenada in order to enjoy any of the benefits.
  • In order to apply for the citizenship, you don’t have to give any interview nor any specific educational or management skills are required. This means, as long as you have a good amount to invest you can become a citizen of this place, rest nothing matters.

However, there is one catch here. In order to qualify for the citizenship, you need to have to fulfil any one of the below criterias:

  • Have no criminal record - past or present
  • Should possess good health
  • Should be of good character
  • Should have a high personal net worth

The moment you fulfil any one of these criterias, you are eligible to apply for the Grenada dual citizenship. How cool is that? There are many service providers, who can help you out with the application process. It is better to rely on an agent then trying to do it on your own. Find out which are the reliable service providers in your city. Get in touch with any of them and have a detailed discussion with them before you proceed any further. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the experts today. It will take some time to discuss the matter before you finally go ahead and apply and then get the application approved. So the sooner you take the first attempt the sooner everything will work out. In case of any queries, you can always ask the service provider. They are there to help you out. After all, you are hiring their services so make your journey a smooth and hassle free one. So do not hesitate to speak with them and clarify all your doubts.

About the Author: This contribution has been made by Levi Board who has written a number of articles on Grenada Dual Citizenship and provides fruitful information.