What Are The Factors To Look For Before Buying A Pack Of High-quality Dog Food In New Zealand?

Author : Ultra Pet Supplies | Published On : 31 Jan 2024

Feeding your four-legged companion can take a bite of your wallet, with our research showing that there is an increase in monthly expenses for dog food. Note that not all dog foods are equal, as there is a drastic difference between the brands and their product lines. Unfortunately, it is not safe to go for cheap dog food as it may not include fillers rich in nutrition. It may not comply with the safety standards. It happens with products of any price range, so it's essential to look at the label before buying Food for Puppies New Zealand. 

NZ Food Industry is self-regulated. The industry representatives and stakeholders developed native standards for marketing and promotion of products. It sets out standards for pet food nutrition, marketing, and safety. One question that crosses the mind of pet owners: how should I choose the Best dog food for puppies New Zealand?  Pet parents should know that canines have different dietary requirements at different stages in life. It is the reason why you find Dog food labels for different breeds and ages of dog.

Puppies are very active and require lots of energy to grow, strengthen their bones, teeth, and muscles. High quality dog food New Zealand is rich in protein, fat, and particular supplements needed for their growth. Adult dogs, on the contrary, have low energy requirements as they don't have to fuel rapid growth. Like Human beings, excess body growth in dogs can result in health issues. Some dogs are more active than their mates, and that gets reflected by the Brands producing dog foods for particular breeds.

Mature and sedentary dogs spend their retirement relaxing. Get the high quality dog food New Zealand that's rich in digestible protein and low fat. It helps ease the burden on their aging body. In addition, there is specialized food Available for specific needs. If your kiddo has chronic health issues, consult with veterinarians to know their requirements. Feed them food that keeps them healthy and happy.

By now, you got a basic idea of health supplements for puppies and dogs. What about the ingredients that you should avoid? Dog lovers should avoid the following ingredients. 

Meat termed as a by-product, meals, and animal digest products with added sugar 

Unlike cat food, fillers in dog food don't necessarily mean bad. They have nutritional values. While corn and rice are healthy, MSG and corn syrup are harmful. Note that ingredients can have misleading meanings. A product with chicken can have chicken fat rather than chicken meat. Reading the ingredients list is essential when ordering the best dog food for puppies New Zealand.  Ingredients should get listed based on the nutritional values. So, look for filler ingredients at the bottom of the list. Healthy nutrients and real meat should appear first on the list. Dogs are omnivores, and not carnivores. If your dog isn't on a vegan diet, you might have to compromise by offering it a mix of meat and vegan-based nutrients.