What are the different types of cremation Jewelry?

Author : pacific urns | Published On : 18 Aug 2021

One of the difficult and hardest things to do as a grieving family or friend of a loved one is to let them go. The end of the funeral service is their last chance to say one final goodbye. When the beloved is admired and loved by several groups of people, families may choose to place the cremains into a small-sized urn and placed them in a mausoleum.

But for some people, it may be more comforting to know that you can opt for Cremation Jewelry.It is also known as ash jewelry or memorial jewelry, this option allows you to keep a small amount of your loved one’s cremains with you all the time, serving as a way to hold their memory, their life story and their spirit close to you. From sparkling diamonds to personalized engraving, there are so many ways to honor the ones you love, regardless of your style and budget. Let's discuss a different type of cremation jewelry.

1: Cremation pendants – Cremation pendants can consist of a jewellery pendant and an included chain the paintings are available in different styles such as hearts, crosses and modern shapes and have a discrete chamber that can be filled with your selection of remembrances.

2: Cremation rings – Cremation rings are jewellery rings that have a hidden hollowed out interior compartment that can be felt with cremated ashes. A cremation ring is usually in the style of a traditional banded ring.  These are more discreet, and the wearer can choose to wear them as a ring or as a necklace on a chain.

3: Memorial diamonds – Using a pressured carbon process, it is possible to transform ashes into a memorable, gorgeous diamond. These diamonds can be used in any of your favourite jewelry settings, from rings to necklaces. They are a powerful form of remembrance and they show that beauty truly comes from love.

4: Urn necklace – The urn necklace is the most common memorial jewelry because compared to other accessories, to create. If you find it too creepy for you just ask for professional help from the cremation jewelry store, but it is nice to at least have an idea of the whole process. Knowledge is Power.

5: Urn keychain – If a simple design is your preference, then this basic urn keychain is a great option. String the keychain on a necklace chain, or hook it to a chain in your day bag. A memorable keychain serves the same purpose as all the jewellery above, and it is still a stylish accessory to carry with you.

Whether you decide on a cremation locket or memorial diamond, know that a loved one is with you during this process.