What are the advantages of Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy?

Author : Chris Copper | Published On : 13 Sep 2021

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and complicated phases of your life. You feel a need for extra care during this period. Mommies start feeling their little ones inside them and their anxiety and worries increase. Pre and post natal massage therapy in Perth are dedicated to giving you a healthy body and mind after pregnancy. Pregnancy takes a toll both on your body and mind. So, fixing that imbalance is required in the first place. Let's look at the benefits of pre and postnatal massage therapy.

  • Better Sleep -

Pregnancy makes your body function differently. You often have trouble sleeping. As there is an imbalance in hormones, it affects your sleep cycle. Besides, physical discomfort is another major reason behind problematic sleeping. Therefore, pre and postnatal massage are important during pregnancy that helps reduce insomnia. 

  • Reduction of Swelling -

Some swelling or edema is also important during pregnancy. Legs, ankles, and feet are the most common parts to develop swelling. The growing uterus puts pressure on the veins in the legs. Massage helps reduce fluid buildup. Regular blood circulation solves swelling troubles. 

  • Hormones Stay On Track -

Do you know how to make your hormones come on track? This massage therapy helps your body to regulate hormones. A pregnant woman only knows how hormones make her completely out of whack and swing mood twice or thrice in a single hour. You may want to cry at this moment and elate the next moment. Hormones are widely responsible for such frequent mood swings. Prenatal massage helps stimulate the release of hormones associated with relaxation while decreasing those associated with stress. In the long run, it creates a relaxed feeling even after the massage is finished. It helps reduce complications during the delivery. Both mother's and baby's security is assured. 

  • Improving Overall Health -

Health comprises your body and mind. So, the mother's body and mind should be nurtured perfectly. The imbalance in hormone secretion is very dangerous for mothers. Prenatal massages have been very effective in the mother's body and mental well-being. You must consider the fact that the mother's health determines the kid's health. The massage is good for the immune system that helps you fight the ailments that could complicate the pregnancy. Pain during the initial months of pregnancy and inflammation in the joints are healed by the massage. 

  • Reducing Your Pain -

Besides inflammation and swelling, prenatal massage works great with other pregnancy issues. Lower back pain is usually in the advanced stage of pregnancy. Due to increasing weight, this pain is quite common. The massage helps reduce the pain in many areas that pregnant women often complain about. Sciatic nerves are also a very sensitive part where the tissues crumble. So, massage prevents this by not only relaxing the tissues. It also promotes the production of endorphins that is our body's natural pain killer. 

  • Stress Reduction And Relaxation -

Mood swing is a persisting issue of pregnancy. Prenatal massage enhances overall well-being. Study says that pregnant women who go through a continuous process of prenatal massage, show a significant decrease in stress hormone levels. Their immune function enhances as well. 

So, pre and post natal massage therapy in Perth works dedicatedly to reduce pain and nausea of future moms. Shake hands with a prenatal masseuse for a happy and healthy pregnancy.