The Rise of Weed Beer

Author : Lee Wood | Published On : 10 Jan 2022

Thanks to the changing legislation regarding cannabis across the United States, more exciting options for consumption are starting to appear. Consumables rose to popularity in the last couple of years. But a newer trend is piquing the interest of marijuana lovers everywhere: Weed beer!

Cannabis-infused beer products combine the worlds of casual drinking and the chill vibes of weed consumption into one product. You can try it yourself at a nearby marijuana tasting bar to experience what these drinks have to offer. But what exactly is weed beer?

The Basics of Weed Beer

First things first, let's clear up one critical misconception. While many refer to these drinks as "weed beer" or "canna-beer" for simplicity's sake, they don't have any alcohol in them. Currently, mixing any alcoholic beverage with cannabis products is prohibited by law. It's a complex regulation that's creating challenges for drink manufacturers, but it exists nonetheless.

Weed beer replaces the alcoholic content you'd find in traditional beers with cannabinoids. Essentially, it's a dealcoholized beer with flavorless and odorless liquid THC. Some brands also use CBD or combine CBD and THC. Whatever the case may be, the compounds are nano-emulsified, becoming water-soluble and stable enough to mix with the hops-based drink. Plus, it makes the cannabis compounds more bioavailable to help you feel the effects.

You get the best of both worlds! The hops mimic the beer taste while the cannabinoids give you those signature mellow vibes.

The Future of Weed Beer

The world of cannabis-infused drinks is still evolving. Legalization is still new, and drink-makers are trying to navigate the complex regulations involved. There's a lack of federal oversight, leading to some confusing manufacturing processes to keep everything above board.

Even still, the interest in weed beer is higher than ever! The low dosage of cannabinoids and the quick onset of effects make it easy for drinkers to self-manage. As a result, these beverages may appeal to a broader audience looking to indulge in the world of marijuana.

Visit a marijuana tasting bar and experience the joys of weed beer for yourself!

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