We also learned a few things from Jagex

Author : FryeJacob FryeJacob | Published On : 14 Aug 2021

We also learned a few things from Jagex. These are essential to OSRS gold be aware of to assist Jagex and you. They will pursue those who hack accounts or posts fake RS3 websites with the intention of stealing passwords. Make sure you are playing your game in a clean manner.

Don't be offended by someone who calls you a fool or causing trouble simply ignore the person. The majority of reports for that won't cause black marks, and by ignoring them, you can ensure that you don't every have to deal with the person who is constantly annoying you LOL.

If anyone has any questions regarding our amazing visit, feel free to contact us. Although we may not be able give you the correct answer, we won't say anything that would violate the terms of our Non Disclosure Agreement. However we'll be happy to answer any questions we can. We are open to a Vent meet-up if there is an interest.

I was able to talk with a handful of the players present. Gertjaars and Lucipher6 both gave me permission to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold allow their names to be mentioned in this article. They are wonderful people and I am happy we got a chance to get to know them!