Video advertising solutions for premium brands

Author : Reviews | Published On : 27 Aug 2021

VDO.AI provides the world’s leading brands with solutions to their video-related problems. Its fully high-tech video solutions make it a leader in the ad serving industry. They make fun and stimulated videos that enable brands to get the engagement and scale that they deserve. It is easy to trust them since they have previously worked with big brands. They have a global reach.

They can out-stream video ads for other companies. This way the companies can outsource the ad creative and focus on their chief tasks. They promise consistent brand experience on all the devices, from the big screen in the hall to the small screen in your hands. Their 3D visuals make sure that the message gets noticed, and not just viewed in the traditional sense. 

 Why should you trust them?

They guarantee Brand safety. They are in partnership with fraud protection associations including MOAT, IAS, and Double Verify to ensure a 100% brand-safe environment on their platform. They also have advanced consumer targeting. With 200+ 1P audience segments and access to 3P data providers, coupled with their CRM audiences, they deliver messages to the right user at the right time.

Video ads for publishers garner immense business for the brands and appreciation for VDO.AI. They also promise fantastic support for brands who ever have a query or want to talk about their videos. They have worked with prominent brands like  :

· Dollar Shave Club

· Tide


· Citibank

· Zara

· Air BnB

· Monster Energy

· Ford

· Subway

· Planet Fitness

· Visa 

· Pampers

· Verizon

They are all well-known companies that have had great video ads in the past. They had to make something at par with their history which is a hard task, and VDO.AI did surely not them down!

Native video and partnerships:

Their native video formats inspire web publishers to show the power of video advertising by getting access to customized video content, video streaming infrastructure, and leading DSPs and brands, in a simple solution at scale. So, their out-stream video ads help brands in creating a great fan base.

They have over 800+ partner publishers that include: Mashable, Money control, Entrepreneur, VN Express, Times Internet, and many more.

Their native stories formats have been designed to reuse the brand’s existing content in engaging formats, to help them retain their biggest asset: their users. Combined with a great user experience, a premium demand marketplace, and a contextual NLP engine, these formats hit right on top-line by giving an increase in revenue and page views at the same time.

Media solutions and content reach:

Their media solutions combine smart uses of data with high-quality inventory, powerful AI, and action-driven creatives to drive real business results along the funnel. As a managed service, their in-house teams ranging from vertical experts to creative strategy are here to make sure that your campaign succeeds.

They combine their exclusive audience segments with many 1P and 3P data sources including behavioral, contextual, demographic, and geographic, and brand’s CRM datasets to help discover brand’s consumers at the right place. Their creatives make sure that your brand delivers a common message across all channels where they engage with the consumer.

Their proprietary, awe-inspiring 3D visuals make sure that your message gets noticed, and not just viewed in the traditional sense. They are rendered to let real-time personalization and impact measurement at scale. Video ads for publishers are well made.

They are certified by TAG and IAB which makes it easier for brands to trust them.