Unlading a Fixer-Upper? Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes to Get it Sold

Author : Raw Capital | Published On : 11 Oct 2021

Repairing a fixer-upper to get it sold can wash all your savings in the drain. But, if you plan wisely, you can easily move out of the unwanted fixer-upper and sell it as-is. 

An as-is home is out for sale in its actual state where the seller will not take any pain or pressure to repair or make any home improvements. If you need to move out and don’t have the time, energy, or funds to fix up the old and ailing home, an as-is home sale is a way forward. As this home sale requires expert execution- here are 5 common mistakes to avoid to explore the best way to sell your house fast:


  • Overshoot the listing price

Selling a home fast is not an impossible task if it is fairly priced, especially if you are attempting to sell it as-is.

One of the biggest yet avoidable blunders is to not set an unrealistically high price. Today’s homebuyers are savvy — they know the going market price for homes. When the home is priced a little lower than the rest of the as-is sellers, there’s a chance for buyers to consider your offer and often seal the deal. 


  • Lollop pre-listing home inspection

If you’re listing your we buy houses in Washington as-is, don’t lollop a pre-listing home inspection. Indulging in a home inspection before you list, you can price your home better and point the needed repairs, and set out the property as “pre-inspected.”

best way to sell your house fast

Buyers will have more confidence in placing offers on a pre-inspected as-is home since they will better estimate their total investment.


  • Brush off cleaning and decluttering your home

If you want to sell your as-is home fast, make sure you do not flout on cleaning or decluttering. Some buyers might not mind outdated wood paneling or popcorn ceilings, but they might not consider purchasing your property if it’s dirty, shabby, or ill-maintained.

Decluttering and cleaning are important. Make sure you don’t skip it. 

Before you bid adieu to your old home, make sure you take plenty of time to pack your belongings, including personal items like family photos. Clean up your countertops and tuck away appliances including iron, coffee machine, tea kettle, or microwave. Buyers often sneak-peek inside closets and cabinets, so make sure that you leave the right impression.

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  • Ignore the staging process

The act of staging is a significant part of the home-selling process, especially when your sole aim is to get rid of an unwanted property as-is. While you might not be interested to waste your precious time or hard-earned money to rehab your home with hardcore remodeling service, investing in staging might help you sell your as-is home for a fair price. 

Studies have proven that approx. 31% of buyers increased their offer by 1% to 5% for staged homes compared to unstaged properties.


  • Stall on disclosing known issues

As with any home sale, you must not stall disclosing known property issues when you want to get rid of your as-is property.

Seller disclosures include known issues with:

  • Lead paint
  • Asbestos
  • Environmental hazards 
  • Natural hazards 
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Structural and mechanical issues (e.g., plumbing, electrical system, built-in appliances, central heating, and other mechanical systems.)

Whether you forget or avoid disclosing known property issues, your buyer can allege breach of contract and intentional misrepresentation. Further, the prospective buyer might even sue or take you to court to end the sale or fight for repair compensation and additional damages.


The Bottom Line

Selling your home as-is can be a breakneck challenge, but if you want to get done with it with flying colors, avoid the mistakes as discussed above. This will help you get rid of the junk home and offer you the necessary peace of mind.