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Author : Ross Freedman | Published On : 18 Jan 2022

We also work with important and responsible companies in Bangladesh. In this country, we represent high quality clothing factories with modern machinery, duly audited and with certificates proving compliance with international health and safety at work regulations as well as child labour. The goal of our designers is to capture your needs and style in sketches. The sketches, outlined together in a book, will allow the creation of physical samples and from there, to the making of the collection.
This is one of the most important stages of the manufacturing process, as the fulling compacts the felt to give it optimum strength and durability. The wool fibre differs from synthetic and other natural fibres in that it has small scales at a microscopic level. Fabric for the manufacture of uniforms and specialised workwear. We are experts in embroidery for graduation bands, with the school crest, graduation year, ...

All our clothes and uniforms can be personalized with the colors and the logo of each school and client. Our collections are renewed every year with a wide variety of models, fabrics, colors, embroidery, prints... We have several large capacity production lines with state-of-the-art machinery, where work structures are expanded and renewed every year, to adapt to all types of orders, whatever their quantity. Mínime also offers a custom embroidery service, to identify smocks or other clothing if the school requires it, which can also be ordered through the online shop.
"Designer and entrepreneur. His firm, Antonio Miró, is one of the best-known Spanish fashion labels on the international catwalks." This section provides access to the contents in each autonomous region by browsing through uniformes de hotel maps. Fabric for the manufacture of reusable coveralls for protection against chemical agents and biological. Usizy is the most advanced and accurate sizing recommendation technology for ecommerce in the market.

It is made by printing the design with a printer, inks and special paper. With the sublimation printers and plotters there are no minimums or costs for photoliths or screen printing. Any design, process colors, gradients, textures can be made in high definition.
In 1976 he set up the Antonio Miró label selling clothing for men and women, and which attracted the attention at several top fashion events. His definitive international expansion came in the 1990s when he joined forces with Ermenegildo Zegna. His shows always set out to be original; he was the first to feature non-professional models on the runways. Opening up his store in 2001 in the heart of El Born, Oscar H. Grand takes pride in producing bespoke and unique garments for his clients. With a large selection of fabrics and materials, the dressmaker makes fine, high-quality suits, shirts, coats, jackets, and even belts. Grand has had a long and interesting journey in the fashion industry, and producing bespoke garments allows him to harness his talent into crafting the finest outfits.

Firstly, ozone is generated by ultraviolet light that saturates the fabric, secondly a fan distributes the cleansed air through the clothing evenly, the third sends a neutraliser through the clothing to ensure safety once the wardrobe is opened. “Whilst the results aren’t technically perfect, tests have shown that it eliminates 99.98% of all SARS-COV2,” said Cristina Lorca, Director of the CReSA. According to a statement, released yesterday, the technology has been verified by the High Biocontainment Unit of the Animal Health Research Centre and the University of Barcelona. The breakthrough furniture was created by scientists at Globaldena Aux based in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and could potentially revolutionise the battle against the virus. A REVOLUTIONARY wardrobe has been given the green light that has been recorded to eliminate all traces of COVID-19 from clothing and footwear.
Our hallmarks are the high quality of the fabrics, a passion for detail and excellent work. All the articles of clothing that we sell are manufactured with our own designs and based on the ideas of our clients, not forgetting the imported fabric, like Italian silk, or microfibre, which gives ties softness and comfort. At Boccola, we are tie designers who, since 2013, have been working side by side with the company Manufacturas Sala Roca.
We work exclusively with the best materials and techniques on the market to guarantee the perfect condition of the garments after use and washing. For this we place special emphasis on the selection of fabrics, colors and details and, of course, all our love and dedication in the manufacture of the items, finished with an excellent preparation and guaranteeing short delivery and replacement times. We offer a complete school fashion collection for all educational levels, which covers all the needs of students and educators, and facilitates the management of schools through a single provider. As a result of a track record of good work, hundreds of Spanish public and private companies place their trust in us. Sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers – more now than ever before. A nice packaging of garments sometimes increases sales at the consumers point.

Uniformes Mínime has specialized suppliers both nationally and internationally, which have been especially selected for each garment in particular. With mass production, in its various product lines, allows you to get more competitive prices without sacrificing quality of materials or finishes. Years of work and collaboration enable your clothes to be adapted exactly to the models supplied by the client.
In 2012, Iberia creates a low-cost subsidiary to operate short- and medium-range flights, Iberia Express. Its aim is to operate point-to-point flights and to feed Iberia’s long-range flights from Madrid. During the 1990s, the evolution of Iberia made it stand out as one of the airlines that best interpreted the future of the sector in the short term. In 1996, with the advance of technology, it became one of the first airlines to have a website and soon became a leader in sales through this system. Towards the end of the 1980s, thanks to the impetus of four airlines, including Iberia, the Amadeus reservation system was founded.
It is a polyurethane material with different textures and thick, matte, shiny, satin, velvet, metallic, glitter ... This system is being widely used at a promotional level and in sportswear, it allows us to work in low production, they can be used in combination with screen printing. It has great resistance to washing, and the final result depends on the quality of the vinyl. It is done with plastisol and screen printing inks or in offset printing on a special silicone paper with mirror effect, the last print is the ink that fixes the drawing to the garment using a thermal press.

The people in our team are characterized by their passion, dedication, humility and commitment to continual improvement. In compliance with GDPR regulations By clicking this box, you indicate your acceptance of our Privacy Policy.If you don’t check the acceptance box, the form will not be sent. We need your express consent to ensure compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation . The ironing of some of our felts helps to give our products a slightly softer touch and hand feel needed in some applications. Carding ensures that all the wool fibres are aligned in the same direction and distributed evenly and homogeneously. At this stage, wool fibers form a fluffy superposition of layers to create a batt.