Understanding Building Regulations In A Little More Details

Author : Garry Stacks | Published On : 08 Jan 2022

You will be grateful to know that the government has permanently relaxed some of the building regulations in Berkshire for single-storey extensions. Now you can easily work on extending your living space without requiring any approval from the Council. It is definitely welcoming news for people as they can now easily work on extending their property potentially that was before red-tagged.


What you need to know is something about the new building regulations as you may still require few approvals from the council before you can work on the extension plan. For instance, you still have to get a neighbour consultation certificate before working on the extension program from your neighbours, which shows that they are ok with your developmental idea. Your planning should also adhere to all the earlier building regulations and it is your responsibility to check it before commencing the plan.


You cannot work on the extension until you are completely aware that it is maintaining all the building regulations perfectly and precisely. If you are unsure about it, it is better to talk with the local council or professionals having knowledge of building regulations in Berkshire. They will help you sort out everything. They will help you to maintain the parameters and only then, you should start to work on the project.


Some of the parameters that your planning should include limitation in the extension that is at ground level and not about 30 metre and the glazing should be under the approval of document K. The extension should be separate from the main structure physically that may be through a door. However, you cannot install sanitary devices in any space in your outdoor extension. You are not looking forward to using the extension as a regular habitable place throughout the year however, you can work on planting some trees for beautification.


If you are unsure about the building regulations and whether you require additional approval for the extension, have a talk with the local authority. Seek to fill the exempt building forms to analyse and take effective steps. After you fill-up the form, the authorities will have a look at the plan and assess the plan giving the confirmation in writing. You should preserve the confirmation letter so that you can give it to the next buyer in case you are looking forward to selling it in future. Through this, they will know that the establishment adheres to the building regulations.


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