Types of integrated law courses you can choose in an LLB college in Gurgaon

Author : Amity University | Published On : 12 Apr 2021

Law professionals are highly reputed in society. They have to give immense labor to gather more knowledge and become highly skilled in the respective fields. This professional career is entirely different from that of the rest of the choices. An aspirant has to choose something entirely different from what he has studied in the previous classes. This is where the best LLB colleges in India will give the ideal outcome in terms of resources and support. Here is what you can choose as a brilliant career in this field and make a good life out of it.

Types of LLB courses

The first thing you will have to consider is to choose the right LLB course. Most of the aspirants go for integrated LLB courses rather than choosing a standalone course. Only LLB courses are chosen by the candidates when they have decided to pursue it later. If you choose to become a lawyer, you will have to choose a course type beforehand. The next step is to choose a suitable LLB college in Gurgaon.

The types of integrated LLB courses are:

  • Arts oriented law course

It all depends on the curriculum of your Higher Secondary level. You can choose a respective course based on the subject of choice. Check your priorities and then proceed to make a good decision. Check the courses offered in the BA LLB domain and learn more about their curriculum. Once you get a proper insight into the courses, you can choose the right arts domain to continue.

  • Commerce related LLB courses

You will find an LLB college in Gurgaon offering commerce-related law courses. This is a unique domain where you can gather immense knowledge based on commerce and law subjects. The combination of these subjects can be very fruitful for your career. If you had a good academic profile on the Higher Secondary level in commerce, choosing a B.Com LLB course can be a good decision to establish your career.

  • Business management-oriented law courses

Indian law covers various aspects of the business. There are multiple domains in business law that can be chosen as a specialization later. Once you are done with a business-oriented law course, you can pursue an MBA or an LLM degree for specialization. This is where you can seek professional assistance from the best LLB colleges in India. Get your mind clear by gathering proper information related to the course and its prospects. Your informed decision will make a brilliant career ahead.


These are the top course choices you can make when you want to choose law as a career. Most colleges offer the ideal platform for choosing a law course. Shortlist the names as per their courses, course fees, resources, infrastructure, ranking, affiliations, accreditations, and certifications to choose the right education platform. The choice of your institution will also deliver brilliant support for the establishment of your career. Go for the best LLB colleges in India and make a huge difference in your career