Towing A Car: You Should Pay Attention To That!

Author : James brown | Published On : 12 May 2022

The most important rules and tips for towing

If your car breaks down, you may want another vehicle. To not cause an accident, you should precisely determine what needs to consider when towing and when you are allowed to tow. Do you also know what differentiates towing from towing or towing? A broken-down vehicle can pose a hazard to other road users. Therefore, learn which warning signs you can use to warn others or how you can, e.g., B. behave after a traffic accident.

What Should Consider When Towing?

Car towing is the towing of an inoperable vehicle as part of an emergency response. The goal must be either the recycling or destruction of the vehicle or eliminating the inoperability. An inoperability only exists if the vehicle can no longer be used as intended and cannot restore on-site. Since vehicles may only tow for emergency assistance, only specific destinations are permitted. It includes the nearest suitable workshop and a nearby location. When towing, only the towing vehicle driver needs the appropriate driver's license for the vehicle he is towing. The person in the vehicle being towed does not need an official driver's license but only has to get the vehicle through traffic properly. However, good driving practice and traffic experience are strongly recommended since driving a towed vehicle requires exceptionally high concentration and quick reactions.


The brake booster and power steering no longer work when towing a car with engine damage. It means the steering becomes stiff, and the braking effect is shallow. If possible, use a tow bar to avoid a rear-end collision. The distance between the two vehicles during towing may not exceed 5 meters.

A red flag must be attached to the center of the tow rope or tow bar. In addition, the hazard warning lights must switch on in both vehicles. Ensure that the tow rope is always taut and agree to hand signals to turn before you set off.


You are not allowed to enter the freeway while being towed. When you start towing on the highway, you have to exit at the next exit. 

Are There Alternatives To Towing?


Anyone who has broken down with their car does not always have the opportunity to own the vehicle privately or perhaps dare to do so. A breakdown service can also be called an alternative to private towing. He will first try to solve the problem on-site. If this is not possible, the breakdown service can tow the car. Different companies do roadside assistance and towing. The costs for roadside assistance and towing differ depending on whether you are a member of the relevant automobile club and which tariff you have booked there. However, in principle, it is only to be towed to the nearest workshop or your home or the workshop or Tow Car Service of your choice.

What Does It Mean to Tow a Car?

Anything that goes beyond the makeshift when towing another vehicle is considered towing and must be approved by the authorities. In principle, an operational motor vehicle may not operate as a type of trailer.

The towing vehicle driver requires a trailer driver's license for the relevant vehicle class. Anyone who wants to steer the towed vehicle needs a driver's license required for the towed vehicle.

What Is Towing a Vehicle?

Tow-starting a car involves towing an unstart able car by another vehicle until the engine starts. Therefore, it is a particular case of Car Towing Service. Every driver needs a driver's license for the vehicle he is driving. Note that automatic vehicles cannot be towed. Even in cars with a catalytic converter, tow-starting is not necessarily advisable.

If several failed attempts, the catalytic converter can be damaged by unburned fuel. When a car is towed, the driver of the towed car must depress the clutch as soon as the engine starts and signal the helper.

The Essentials In Brief:

Car Towing Service is the towing of an inoperable vehicle as part of an emergency response. You should pay attention to the following things when towing:

  • It is best to use a tow bar on cars with engine damage to avoid a rear-end collision.
  • Maintain a maximum distance of 5 meters between the two vehicles.
  • A red flag must be placed in the center of the tow rope or pole.
  • The hazard warning lights must switch on both vehicles.
  • If you use a tow rope, make sure it stays taut.