Top effective ways by IVF specialists to improve fertility

Author : Bloom IVF | Published On : 23 Mar 2023

Some things in life can be heartbreaking and can change your perspective, infertility is one such experience. Many couples who choose to delay pregnancy for a number of reasons might face issues while some couples face infertility issues naturally. Regardless of the fact, whenever you plan your pregnancy or consult a specialist at an IVF centre, there are a few things that you need to consider. One of them is ways to enhance your fertility which will increase your chances of conceiving. There are many significant ways to increase the chances of pregnancy if you follow them with consistency.

Here we have enlisted a few ways to help you improve your fertility:

Reduce your carb intake

If you have PCOS, cut your crab, if not then reduce refined carbs as much as possible. Refined carbs such as drinks, sugary food, pasta, bread, rice, etc are problematic. So, when you are planning your pregnancy, make sure you cut your carbs or slowly reduce your refined carb intake. Refined carbs are absorbed in the body fast which leads to an increase in blood sugar and insulin level. For those who have PCOS, and already face high insulin issues, refined carbs can lead to excess blood sugar or insulin levels.

Take advantage of Multivitamins

During your IVF and throughout your pregnancy, you must have a healthy body. Sometimes with a balanced diet also, you are not able to fulfil adequate vitamin or nutritional requirements. So, you can take multivitamins. However, not all multivitamins are suitable during IVF or pregnancy. So, you can take consultation with your specialist at IVF Clinic in Delhi to prescribe your multivitamins.

Increase your physical activity

If you are planning to conceive, it is important to maintain your weight. BMI between 20 and 30 can be healthy. So, to reduce or enhance your weight you can start training or become more active. There are many ways to keep your body enhanced such as yoga, cardio, and simple exercises. For those who work in a sitting job or spend most of the time sitting in one place. Increasing your physical activity is important.


Quit any bad habits

If you consume alcohol, smoke or take tobacco, it's time to quit. These habits can lead to a negative impact on your chances of conceiving. Both partners should slowly quit these habits as alcohol, smoking, and tobacco can reduce the quality of sperm and egg. Ultimately, affecting your IVF process or conceiving. Moreover, nicotine can also lead to damage to the foetus. According to studies, no young adults should intake alcohol or smoke as it does not have health benefits but rather deteriorates.


Final Thoughts:

These are the most effective and critical ways to enhance your fertility. It will not significantly change your fertility overnight but can help your body positively. In addition, you can consult the IVF centre to resolve your queries, and find ways with help of a specialist. They can prescribe you proven ways and plan a diet for you to increase your fertility.