Top 6 Skills Your Child Will Learn at Dee Why Children's Centre

Author : John Sarkis | Published On : 21 Nov 2022


When you're seeking a child care centre in Dee Why, you want to ensure that the facility provides your child with an enriching environment where they can learn and grow in ways that will help them succeed later on in life. Your child will learn all the skills needed for school readiness and kindergarten program.

This article lists the top six skills your child will learn at the child care Dee Why from the experts at the Early Learning Centre.


Learning how to socialise with peers and adults is an important skill that will be needed in the future. At Dee Why children's centre, your child will learn to get along with children of all ages. In addition, children will learn how to interact with adults and their peers and take turns in games.


In an early childhood program, your child will learn the basics of independence. From potty training to making their own snacks, they'll be learning how to do it themselves. As they get older, they'll also learn how to dress themselves and put on their shoes. They'll even be learning how to get ready for bed by taking a bath or brushing their teeth! It's all about empowering your child and giving them the chance to take control of their lives.


Your child will learn how to communicate and interact with others. They'll learn how to share, listen, and be part of a group. They'll also learn to work on their social skills by playing games, doing activities, and going on field trips with other children.

Fine Motor Skills

A lot of child care centres in Dee Why have an excellent Fine Motor Skill program which teaches the kids how to work with tools like scissors, paintbrushes, glue sticks, and other items. Children will also learn skills such as threading a needle, tying shoes, and buttoning clothes.

Gross Motor Skills

Your child will develop gross motor skills, like running and jumping. They'll also learn to climb stairs, ride a bike, and play ball. These skills will help them stay active when they're older.


Your child will start solving problems and finding creative solutions for things. For example, if you give them three blocks, they might figure out that stacking two of the blocks on top of each other is more stable than balancing all three blocks on one another.

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