Top 5 reasons your house is not selling

Author : Smith Jones | Published On : 09 Aug 2021


Selling your house can be challenging. You may think that you put your house on the market at the best price and the deal will be closed in a jiffy, but it didn’t happen. You might be making a few mistakes, which is why you are unable to sell your property in a hot market. You are not a professional real estate broker in Toronto, so chances are high; you are losing your mind right now. Here is the catch, keep reading to know what’s wrong.

Why can’t you sell your house?

Selling a house doesn’t solely rely on guesswork; there are lots of pitfalls that might be holding you back from getting the best deal.

1.You have set a price too high: Usually, the reason behind being a property for too long on the market is its price. It might be an emotional decision to sell your house, but keep the price factor in range. If the price is too high, it’s time for a price drop.

2.You are avoiding the impact of staging: As recommended by Toronto real estate broker ( ??????? ) companies, staged homes sell faster. So make sure to schedule the next showing of your property after you fix the issues of paint, floors, outdated fixtures, broken furniture or the dirty yard.

3.Your house is lacking on the curb appeal: Did you know 75% of the buyers can turn the deal off just by looking at the outside appearance of your home. Curb appeal is an important factor. A good first impression is key to make or break the deal.

4.Your listing is not professional enough: With the power of the internet comes the power of photography. People are likely to look at your property first in photos, so make sure you are re-doing your listing photos to sell your home faster.

5.You are lacking professional advice: All of the above-mentioned pitfalls can be avoided if you have a professional by your side. Getting the issues fixed after a seller recommends it is not the right way to close a deal. You need to start over with the help of someone who is experienced enough with the job.

What’s the solution?

Hiring a Toronto real estate broker ( ??????? ) can be the best fix to your problem. Sometimes, it’s the price, sometimes it’s the staging, and sometimes it’s the technique to attract buyers that might go wrong. A real estate broker is a licensed professional, and they are well aware of the market rates and potential buyers’ expectations. With their help, you can definitely set the direction right to sell the property faster.

Bottom Line

You might try to fix all the above-mentioned issues by yourself. But it takes time and people will start to wonder what’s wrong with your property; why is it for so long in the market? C 12 Homes can help you overcome such hurdles. It is the most preferred name for d. Rather than reducing the price, get their guidance to seal the best possible deal.