Top 4 Best Accessories For Triathlons

Author : Tri shack | Published On : 19 Apr 2022

A triathlon is a sport that combines three activities: swimming, cycling, and running. As a result, training for all three sports requires a lot of dedication and effort. If you want to win, you will also need the appropriate triathlon accessories, such as wetsuits, swim caps, goggles, etc. Swimming is the first sport you should prepare for because it is the first part of a triathlon.

What Are The Accessories You Should Get?

Because swimming is the first step in a triathlon, you have plenty of time to put on your accessories and set up all of your necessary gear. In addition, the time you have allows you to become acquainted with the accessories and determine whether any of them are defective.

This factor aids in lowering the amount of potential stumbling blocks. You should always have a backup handy if, by any chance, an issue arises with previously selected equipment, such as triathlon bags, goggles, etc. You must consider your needs, specifications, and budget while purchasing a gear. There are many different types of accessories to choose from nowadays. It enhances the chances of finding an accessory ideal for you and your requirements. Let us now take a look at the several accessories you should get:

  1. Triathlon Wetsuits

Triathlon’s wetsuits are one of the most vital accessories available. They can assist you considerably when swimming in cold water by keeping you warm and lowering the risk of hypothermia. However, when purchasing a wetsuit, ensure it is designed for swimming and not surfing. By slowing down your speed, surfing wetsuits can diminish your chances of winning a wide margin.

Wearing the right triathlon accessories will offer you buoyancy warmth and simplify cutting through the water. Because it will improve your skills and safety, you should choose a wetsuit made of thin and flexible material.

  1. Triathlon Goggles

Goggles are another significant component of swimming. When you are underwater, they will help you in seeing clearly. Protecting your eyes should be a primary priority when competing in a triathlon. These will shield your eyes from any external objects and UV rays. Different goggles are available, each suited for distinctive light and water. The water in a swimming pool is often treated with several solutions which can hurt your eyes. Triathlon goggles can aid in the protection of your eyes.

  1. Swim Caps

A swim cap is another piece of equipment to keep in mind. Swim caps are essential because they reduce friction and improve swimming performance. Not only that, but these caps also help in keeping you warm while swimming in cold water. The color of the swim caps also aids in the identification of participants. Silicone and latex are used in the manufacturing of these caps. However, if you want a cap that is both robust and thick, silicone is the way to go. They are also less expensive and less hard to put on than latex caps. These are just as crucial as triathlon goggles.

  1. Nasal And Earplugs

There is a considerable probability that water will enter your nose and ear when swimming in water. It can result in multiple concerns, including breathing problems, infections, and blocking. As a result, you will need earplugs and nasal plugs to keep water out. You should pick one that completely meets your needs while also being affordable.


Triathlons are one of the world's most popular sports. It is a popular game that is given a lot of attention. Being a triathlete is difficult since you need agility, drive, strength, and several other skills. It also requires multiple accessories, such as to make things easier for you, triathlon bags, goggles, wetsuits, etc. We mentioned them in this blog.

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