Top 10 Adventures Tour Packages in India To Beat Your Lockdown Blues

Author : Utazzo Holiday youway | Published On : 17 Nov 2023

Do you find sitting at home boring, or have you become accustomed to it? In any case, it's time to switch on your adventure mode and shake off the lockdown blues. This is the chance you've been waiting for your whole lockdown, since several locations are opening to tourists. It goes without saying that while making travel plans, you must take additional safety precautions. Adventure tour packages in India offer a plethora of adventure spots that have been beckoning you for some time now. You must visit some of India's top adventure locations at least once in your lifetime, including Uttarakhand, Goa, the Andaman Islands, and Rishikesh. These are India's top ten adventure travel spots.


Among India's most sought-after adventure locations is Uttarakhand. Particularly for its hikes! The unique Roopkund Trek takes hikers to the Roopkund Lake, which is ringed with hundreds of human bones. Uttarakhand is renowned for having several other amazing treks, such as the Nag Tibba Trek, the Kalka-Kasauli Trek, and so on, in addition to the Roopkund Trek. Since trekking is not available all year round, be careful to schedule your vacation during the appropriate season.


One of India's top adventure travel locations is Rishikesh, which is also in Uttarakhand. There are several water sports available, including white water rafting, rappelling, and more, along the Ganges that runs through the city. Some of the greatest resorts are found in Rishikesh, which is home to the Ganges overlook as well as immediate proximity to the riverbanks. Many of these facilities also have picture-perfect views of the river from the guest rooms. You may schedule your vacation to Uttarakhand to get over your lockdown blues, since the region is finally available to tourists following months of closure.

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Another well-liked adventure location in India is the Chadar Trek. After a while, the Zanskar River and Chadar Lake are reached by the journey. In addition to experiencing a whole different culture during adventure tour packages in India, the walk is an amazing experience. Though it's not an easy journey, make sure to verify the fitness criteria before registering. To make your travel safer for you and everyone else around you, abide by all safety procedures and Covid-19 requirements.


The prominent sport in Kovalam, Kerala, is surfing. There are many locations around the state where you may join up for adventurous activities. Now would be a perfect time to take a surf lesson at one of the numerous surf schools if you have never surfed before.


Uttarakhand's Auli is a hill station with a ski resort on its premises.  Adventure tour packages in India such as snowboarding and skiing are available if you visit Auli in the height of winter. If you are a fan of snow and mountains, you will like Auli. Going on a trip to this place will tickle your travel itch.


In addition to being a well-liked resort for honeymoons, Manali is an excellent site for all of you adventure seekers. While on vacation in Manali, you may try anything from mountaineering and mountain biking to river rafting and paragliding.

Spiti Valley

Another well-liked adventure location in India is the trek through the Spiti Valley. Indeed, many tourists return to Spiti Valley time and time again. To be able to finish one of the hardest journeys in the nation, pick up your workouts again if you neglected them during the lockdown. The journey's finish is among the most amazing experiences you will ever have, despite how challenging it may be.


The greatest water sports and water-based activities in India may be found on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you love the sea, you should go here for parasailing, scuba diving, or snorkelling. The greatest hotels and beach resorts on the island provide the water sports you wish to partake in. In addition, you can attempt another water sport or go island hopping, based on what is available to you.


In India, Goa is the most sought-after location for Adventure tour packages in India of all kinds. It offers challenging activities as well as peaceful beaches where you can unwind and take in the waves. If you're feeling depressed about the lockdown, here is the greatest place to go. After spending so much time cooped up inside your house, we bet this is one Goa plan you cannot cancel at all.


Sikkim is more than only its picturesque scenery and verdant mountains, despite being well-known for them. Here, you may go for an early-morning walk or try out mountain riding. Even for a short while, you won't get bored.

In the end, lacking a rush of adrenaline? Next, choose from any of these top adventure travel locations in India and start making your plans with Utazzo right now. You stay alive with adventure! This is the reason you should occasionally go out into the wild. Take a chance and let these pursuits satiate your need to travel!