Toddler Play Program

Author : Sneha Choksi | Published On : 29 Mar 2024

Toddler Play Program is designed for individuality, and developmentally appropriate milestone for toddlers to develop language, social and emotional skills, maths and science, music and movement through play.

We believe that children are born scientist and that’s why we offer many play based activities which are loaded with opportunities for counting, comparing and contrasting, patterning, measuring and deciphering. We also believe that children are born artist, so we provide access to a variety of art materials to bring out their heart’s content out.

This program is based on developing the whole child and not just the individual aspect of the growth. Whole child meaning overall well being of the child which is very much necessary for toddlers when they are being independent. This program is focused on let child be independent rather then follow instructions for the activities.

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