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Author : Chef Ahmad Ramadhan | Published On : 13 Sep 2021

Pudding avocado chocolate is very popular today because it tastes sweet and how to make it is relatively very simple and easy. With a blend of avocado and chocolate to produce the right flavor and is very suitable to be used as a dessert or a sweet snack that is tempting.

According to wikipedia pudding is a dessert that is made from materials that are boiled, steamed, or baked and served after the first cooled.
Who the hell didn't drool partner pudding avocado chocolate this one. I can see that just you want to spend aja, hehehe. Because of her look very interesting and also will certainly produce a sweet taste and bad taste in the mouth.
The pudding is much loved because of the way making it relatively easy and practical, just need additional material just to produce the taste of the pudding is diverse. Because the taste of the pudding that produced it depends from the additional material provided.
Earlier, I used to talk about how to make a recipe of chocolate pudding daisy which contains the tips to make the chocolate pudding course, Well this time I will describe is how to make a pudding, the pudding with the additional ingredients of avocado and delicious chocolate, with a tips that is very easy and rewarding for sure. Just let us together make the pudding recipe avocado brown.
As usual the first step we siapin dulu her ingredients. Pay attention to the quality and dose of the materials that will be used, trying not to yes.


To get this pudding we have to nyiapin two material layers, i.e. layers of avocado and a layer of chocolate.


1 packet of agar - agar (7gr)
150 gr gula pasir ( me: 125 )
600 ml of liquid milk
250 gr flesh of the avocado
- Puree the avocado flesh and 150 ml of liquid milk, and a blender until smooth, set aside
- Boil the remaining milk liquid (450 ml), agar-agar and sugar while stirring until boiling. Turn off the heat
- Add blenderan avocado and Mix well (I add the pasta avocado). pour into the mold.
Avocado don't get cooked so not bitter, just added the last course.


1 packet of agar-agar (7gr)
1 tsp jelly plain / brown I add
150 gr gula pasir (me: 130)
600 ml of liquid milk
2 egg yolks (beaten off)
30 gr coklat bubuk 
50 g of DCC (Dark Cooking Chocolate)
pinch of salt



  1. Boil the milk liquid, gelatinous, jelly, cocoa powder, granulated sugar until boiling while stirring.
  2. Take 2 tablespoons vegetable gelatin mixture, mix in the egg yolks, stir well, re-enter in order to brown. cook until boiling. let the hot steam is reduced. put the pieces of the DCC and stir well.
  3. Pour in a layer of avocado. leave at room temperature until cool.
  4. Enter it in the refrigerator.
NOTE : To mold as I am a part of the chocolate made 1 1/2 recipe.


  1. Whisk whip cream powder with a dose of & the way in packaging (quite 1/2 wrap).
  2. Drawstring DCC with Shavings (which ngupas potatoes / carrots yaa).
  3. Remove the pudding is cooled in the refrigerator.
  4. Then let the whip cream whisk was on top of the pudding and sprinkle with DCC drawstring.
  5. And the pudding avocado chocolate topping whip cream and DCC drawstring ready to be served

Good luck!

Source: Mari Masak Dunia.