Tips From a Reputed Driving School to Help Increase Your Car Mileage

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 15 Nov 2021

Recently, the price of both petrol and diesel is increasing very often and this turns fuel into a commodity that can’t be used without a thought. Renowned brands are offering more fuel-efficient cars than ever before, as mileage has become a deciding factor for buying a car today, overtaking the importance of price. After all, most people would not like to spend their hard earned money on a car that is not fuel-efficient. But, the way you use your vehicle will also determine its mileage. From incorrect gear changes, heavy load, hard acceleration to improper servicing and tyre pressure, there are several factors that can affect the mileage of your car significantly. You can get to know all these things from driving school in Narre Warren South. You will go through driving lessons to know all the key tips to increase the mileage of your car significantly. Here are the tips to follow to increase mileage. 

Drive only if you have to 

It may sound harsh, but the key to maximum efficiency is to know when and where you must take out your vehicle. When you plan to visit a nearby place, make sure to cycle or walk to reach your destination. This will not only help you to maintain good health, but it will also restrict toxic emissions to get released from your vehicle while driving. So, start walking or cycling to unlock maximum health and super savings. 

Plan your route 

To achieve maximum saving and efficiency, you must plan your route before you start driving. As congested roads end up taking a toll on your mileage, you must pick routes that are congestion-free to save both fuel and time significantly. The driving school in Lyndhurst will let you pick the best routes as they provide driving lessons that come with all the necessities useful to maintain a healthy mileage of your car. Alternatively, you can take help from the internet to find the best routes that are free from traffic snarls and heavy jams. 

Engage in efficient driving habits 

Your driving habits play a vital role in determining the scale of fuel efficiency. So, you must indulge in efficient driving techniques. You must shift gears correctly as cars use more fuel when you accelerate in lower gears. Moreover, there are other driving habits that you must follow to achieve maximum savings and efficiency. 

Service your vehicle 

The key to maximum mileage is a healthy engine. You can only achieve this by on-time servicing and proper maintenance. The driving lessons from Clyde driving school will let you know the steps to follow to maintain the engine of your car. So, you must always opt for timely service and also make sure to check the spark plugs, engine oil, air and fuel filter for maximum efficiency. 

Hope, you came to know the tips to follow to increase the mileage of your vehicle. If you like the content of this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends, and give thumbs up!