Tips and Tricks to crack NDA Exam

Author : Invicta Defence Academy | Published On : 11 Sep 2021

In this article, there are the tips and tricks to crack NDA Exam. Please refer this article for all students who are seeking assistance and direction for NDA written examination. All the positive information on making preparations for NDA 2021 has been mentioned below. So, let’s get started:


1. Analyzing the Study Plan- Planning plays a vital role in every preparation. In order to be better trained, a smart and clever study plan is needed. Here, intelligent study plans are intended to efficiently manage your time and NDA 2021 curriculum. You need to start organizing your preparation programmed so you can get good marks.

2.Your fundamentals must be clear- First of all, evaluate your core curriculum and recognize topics requiring more concentration. Begin to prepare the basic topics. Only you can fix the high-level questions when your basics are clear. First clarify the basics of your exam and your curriculum.

3.Concentrate on general and English knowledge- In order to clear the NDA examination, Subject Proficiency in English is required. Your English will not only be tested in written tests, but if your English is fluent, selectors will also have an impression when the interview is held. As general knowledge is part of the curriculum, it should be well prepared. By reading the journals, refer to books by prominent writers focused on current affairs, etc., you can strengthen your GK portion.

4. Best Study Material- The preparation of study materials is very necessary from right books. There are many book stocks on the market, but each book is worth, it's not possible. We have prepared a couple of NDA books following the complete analysis which help you to score good points.

5.Solving Previous year Question Papers- Making preparations in the right direction is very important. By solving questions from the previous year, you will improve your speed and get an idea about the NDA examination pattern and the difficulty level of the questions posed.

6. Conservation of Health and Personality- Selection of health and humanity via NDA does not only depend on the written test, but also plays a major part in your personality and health. The intake of enough food and water is recommended for all aspirants to maintain fitness and health. In addition, yoga or another exercise or meditation are also preferable to relief stress.

7.Revision- Revision is an important factor in success. Aspirants should end up making brief notes and evaluate them regularly. This helps candidates to keep it longer in mind. Hold at least a week before exams, on the other hand.


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