Three Trends in Video Production Your Video Production Company Should Incorporate

Author : Christopher Bailey | Published On : 26 Aug 2021

Various form of video content has been an integral part of marketing for decades. Since1941, when the first-ever video commercial popped up on televisions, marketers have depended heavily on this type of advertising. There was no significant shift to digital marketing. Today, video production is still on the rise, though there were some significant alterations to how Video Production Company in Miami uses it.

What trends in video production are emerging these days? It is evolving rapidly, introducing an increasing number of new video trends to us every year. So, to stay at the forefront, you have to be on the lookout for them. You will get all the answers to stay competitive and maximize your marketing efforts with captivating and compelling videos.

VR in Video Production for Appealing Customer Experience

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the significant trends in video production for the future. Your prospects may not yet rely on this technology in daily life. But it doesn’t mean you can’t start incorporating VR into your video production strategy at this time. Currently, VR is being integrated into medicine, technology, education, and the military aims to provide hands-on training for high-pressure or potentially dangerous scenarios in a completely safe environment.

Cinemagraphs to Breathe New Life into Advertising

Cinemagraphs are around for a while, but they’re still among the most significant trends in video production. They are a hybrid of digital images and videos. They are mostly made of a still image, though with a small detail that has movement to it. For instance, it can be a static image of a table with a glass on it, a bottle floating above the glass, or an animated drink pouring from the bottle into the glass. The major benefits include:

•    Less distracting or annoying compared to videos or GIFs but attract more attention than static images

•    Ensures high consumption by users because of the bit-sized format

•    Provide higher engagement level as it is easy to share

•    Affordable and straightforward in terms of production compared to videos

Video Captions for Silent Advertising

When creating video content for campaigns for the Video Production Company in Miami, marketers primarily look up to smartphone users. In 2021, over 92% of consumers use their smartphones to stay online for at least an hour or so. This allows video production companies certain uniformity concerning content delivery. However, the primary concern is most people use their devices on the go and often in situations or environments where they need to maintain silence, such as at work, in college, or at late night. This means there are high chances your content will be reaching the target audience when they don’t want to or can’t unmute their devices. Respectively, they will watch without any sound or skip it. So, the solution is automatic video captioning. Based on the above discussion, you can watch the videos with captions which is one of the significant trends that allows your audience to stay hooked on the content without any sound and still understand the message.

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