Threads Vs X: Exploring the Features, Advantages, and Drawbacks

Author : Equity Match | Published On : 16 Apr 2024

In a stunning move that shook the tech world to its core, Meta, the visionary powerhouse behind numerous groundbreaking apps, has unveiled its latest gem: Threads. Emerging like a phoenix from the digital realm, this platform stands tall as a formidable challenger to the time-honored X, which has reigned supreme for an impressive 16 years. Startups in platforms like EquityMatch are closely studying the strategies employed by these two platforms to overcome challenges. When it comes to startup funding, investors are eagerly observing and considering the effective strategies employed by these platforms.

The brevity of X has some benefits, but it can also limit the richness of conversations. This is where threaded discussions, made famous by websites like Instagram and Reddit, come into play (Tariq, 2023). For regular users, signing up for Threads is a simple procedure, but for brands, public figures, influencers, and celebrities it is especially frictionless – so frictionless that 30 million individuals signed up in less than 24 hours (Hatmaker, 2023).

The Parallel Lines (Similarities)

The Launch of Thread is another milestone in the disintegration of the social media scene of the 2010s and its rebirth. However, this also has several similarities with X...

#1 Engagement Features

Social media is all about engagement, and both Threads and X give users a variety of tools to make connections. Both networks allow users to like, comment, and retweet posts, promoting dialogue and facilitating interactions around shared content.

#2 Chronological Timeline

Users can access a chronological timeline on both Threads and X, providing real-time updates. With the help of this function, users may stay up to date on the most current posts from their relationships.

#3 Multi-Platform Accessibility 

Both Threads and X are designed to be accessible across multiple platforms, including mobile devices and the web. This flexibility ensures that users can engage with the platforms using their preferred devices, enhancing convenience and usability.

But what does Threads bring to the table that X does not and what does X bring to the table that Threads does not? Let us delve into some of the pivotal distinctions between Threads Vs X to ascertain whether it truly lives up to the extraordinary hype it has generated!

Differences between Threads Vs X 

The unique differences among these platforms have presented distinct challenges that have propelled them to develop innovative strategies. As a result, many companies are closely examining these strategies, recognizing them as opportunities to leverage and secure startup funding for their own ventures.

One thing is quite obvious after using Threads for a day: it is not X. But Threads has the potential to be something unique and strong: X with less sharp edges, more corporate shine, and enough potential to drain Musk's floundering network of its last life and ad money.

#1 User Friendly

“The goal is to keep it friendly as it expands … That’s one reason why X never succeeded as much as I think it should have, and we want to do it differently.”

- Mark Zuckerberg -


The major distinction is that, compared to X, Threads feels significantly less combative, aggressive, and centered around shouting at random individuals who hold opposing political beliefs. The abuse that is common on X is simply not nearly as obvious as the racism, antisemitism, transphobia, and general abuse that is present (Waterson, 2023). 

#2 Integration with Instagram

The smooth Instagram integration of Threads is a crucial differentiator. Users can use Threads separately or in conjunction with an existing Instagram account, streamlining the Instagram user experience. X, on the other hand, runs as a stand-alone platform with its own separate user base and brand identity (Maximilian, 2023). By stealing an existing one from Instagram, Threads has also overcome the challenge of creating a social network from scratch. Threads do not give the impression that you have just arrived at a new school without pals because any existing Instagram user may sign up and quickly reunite their followers on the photo-sharing app.

#3 Character Limits

The difference in character restrictions between Threads and X is substantial. The 500-character message limit on Threads encourages users to write messages that are both succinct and impactful. X, on the other hand, provides users more freedom to express their ideas and participate in more in-depth debates within a single post thanks to its character limit of 280.

#4 Trending Topics

A key component of X, the trending topics area highlights popular conversations, hashtags, or events. Users may keep up with the latest trends and participate in pertinent conversations thanks to this real-time feature. The current lack of trending topics features in Threads, however, emphasizes the importance of personal updates and connections.

#5 Direct Messaging 

Another area where Threads and X divide is with direct messaging features. Threads do not have the direct message capabilities that X users can use to have private conversations with other users. By enabling one-on-one chats, X's direct messaging function enhances the user experience and broadens the platform's choices for communication.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, when reflecting on Threads Vs X, it becomes evident that while these platforms share a common thread of short message sharing and engagement, they also exhibit distinctive qualities that set them apart. Threads, with its integration into Instagram and emphasis on personal updates, offers a platform tailored for those seeking a more intimate and private social media experience. It provides a space where users can connect on a deeper level, sharing their stories and insights in a cohesive and visually appealing manner. 

On the other hand, X's allure lies in its wide accessibility, dynamic trending topics, and the ability to engage in direct messaging. It serves as a bustling hub for news, discussions, and community engagement, attracting a diverse range of users who crave real-time information, global conversations, and the opportunity to connect with a broader network.

In essence, while Threads and X share the common goal of facilitating concise and impactful communication, their unique characteristics cater to different user preferences and needs. Together, they enrich the social media landscape, offering diverse avenues for self-expression, connection, and engagement. In the quest for startup funding, numerous emerging companies in platforms like EquityMatch are actively studying the strategies implemented by both Threads and X, aiming to harness the approaches and tactics employed by these platforms to overcome their individual challenges and achieve success.