Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Small Fridge Freezer!

Author : CARAVAN RV CAMPING | Published On : 05 Sep 2021

A small fridge freezer is a great investment for caravans and vehicles. It is not only space-saving, but highly economical and quick and easy to clean. That makes them practical for trips where a larger fridge freezer may be unnecessary, bulky, and expensive to run at full capacity. You could even get one as a replacement for the current model you have in your motorhome. Simply take measurements and select a fridge freezer that can fit the space!

That said there are things you should consider before you buy a small fridge freezer. Knowing these can help you avoid buying the wrong product. After all, you wouldn’t want to get something that will fail in the middle of your next adventure.

Know your power sources

Think about how you will run the small fridge freezer. It should be able to run off your vehicle’s battery or using a small solar panel. If you are connecting it to your battery, you’ll need a 12V compatible model.

How you plan to use the fridge

Knowing what you need it for can help you decide which type of fridge freezer is best for you. Is it for short weekend getaways? Or long camping trips?

A small fridge freezer is either a single zone unit where only a freezer or the fridge function can run one at a time, or it can be a dual zone or combi unit where both functions can operate simultaneously. Dometic and Evakool offer dual zone models, which are flexible with independent temperature-controlled zones. Engel has combi models with one temperature control and a divider to separate the fridge and freezer compartments.


Portable fridge freezers come in different sizes, from small and compact 14 litres up to 150 litres. Again, consider how you will be using the fridge and the things you’ll store in it. Bigger won’t always be better, as it could be heavy. 40L is the midrange choice.


Prices vary greatly depending on the model, brand, and features. Browse the range of small fridge freezers online to start comparing. There are stores that offer these products on sale, too.

Buy from the right source

Consider buying a small fridge freezer from an established and trustworthy Australia-owned and operated retailer of caravan, RV, and camping equipment and appliances. Make sure they offer express Australia-wide shipping and that they carry high-quality products from brands like Bushman, Dometic, Engel, Evakool and myCOOLMAN.

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