The Right Way To Use Major Regular House Cleaning Products

Author : Chris Copper | Published On : 19 Apr 2021

When it comes to house cleaning then you cannot afford to risk the safety of your kids and other family members. Hence, house cleaning is a task that must be done in the most efficient way possible. Ever wondered why your house seems dirty despite you cleaning it daily? Why are your clothes not pristine clean after each wash? Well, there might be a possibility that you are using the regular cleaning products wrong!

Buckle up and go through the following points to rectify your mistakes:

Things you must do before you begin cleaning:

To make your house pristine clean act like the professional regular house cleaning service providers in Melbourne and read the product label to extract as much information as possible. Follow the instructions given about the safe use of the product for various cleaning chores. If the product has any harsh chemicals then do not forget to adorn your gloves.

Do not buy the cleaning product if it is too old but still within the usable range. This is because the cleaners tend to lose their potency and effectiveness with age. Some cleaning agents are safe when used alone but provide adverse results if mixed with some other cleaning agents.

Distilled white vinegar:

A very common household cleaning agent that is widely prevalent is the distilled white vinegar. Distilled vinegar is a non-toxic form of cleaner but it certainly is not effective in killing the potent bacterial strains. Avoid using vinegar on unsealed grout and countertops made of marble, quartz or granite as it will cause more harm than good.

Otherwise, opting for a house cleaning service from Melbourne can be a great choice. Their outstanding cleaning products will deter the growth of even the nastiest strains of bacteria.

Laundry detergent:

The biggest mistake that one makes whole using laundry detergent is thinking that adding too much will effectively remove the toughest stains. Well, this might work in some cases but most will end up making the fabric fibres weak and discoloured. Unlike the regular house cleaning service in Thomastown, you can exercise your consumer buying tricks and read product labels to understand the best dosage to treat the various kinds of stains.

Using too much detergent will leave a sticky residue on the fabrics that end up trapping the odour causing bacteria that will attract more soil and dust.

Bathroom cleaners:

The professionals doing regular house cleaning service in Carlton North know when it is the right time to clean the tubs, sinks, shower and countertops. The advice on leaving the surfactants and cleaners for at least 15 minutes on such surfaces as they take time to penetrate the soap scum and dirt making it easier for you to clean. A microfiber cloth or a soft sponge seems to be an ideal cleaning tool.

Floor cleaners:

Since the kids are prone to picking up substances from the floor and landing them straight in their mouths, so your floor cleaner must be free of harsh chemicals. Pay attention while buying the floor cleaners and choose the ones that are safe to be used on all types of flooring.

If all this seems too mundane then hire professional house cleaners right away!


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