The popularity of free Websites for movies

Author : Akeel Dodson | Published On : 27 Sep 2021

In this world full of stress, one needs to relax and tone down the stress and tensions, and workloads. There are many ways to cure stress one can listen to music, meditate, talk to loved ones, play games, watch movies, etc. Listening to music and watching your favorite movie help the brain relax and entertain us.
There are multiple ways to watch movies, go to the theatre, watch the latest movie on big screens, and OTT platform that provides a variety of content to explore by paying for a subscription. Both the ways are very popular if one wants to be entertained and relaxed. But these are not the only options to watch movies, the internet is very vast and provides multiple solutions to a problem. One of the ways to watch movies is to visit online websites that provide you free access to all latest and old movies, either download them or watch them online. The online websites like bemovies give access to movies for free, either released on theatre or OTT platforms. They are becoming popular day by day as one doesn’t have to spend their money and just download the movie from one and watch.

Free access to the movies is the biggest advantage of these websites, but there are many factors that people ignore or don’t even know about. One of the biggest risks of using these free platforms is user privacy. In simple words, they need to earn money; that is why they publish them on a website, but how do they earn money if they provide you movies for free, ever wondered? The answer is simple they generate revenue by showing advertisements on the websites or redirecting to multiple pages of no need at all while watching movies.
But all of this makes no sense because they provide FREE movies and web series. HOW? Well, in simple words, these popups can track us through our activity on the website and have access to some of the basic information of our mobile phone or laptop or desktop, which they can use to target us for advertisements throughout our system. But all of these popups advertisements and redirections to different pages are a threat to user privacy. Not all websites are secure our data can even be shared with different developers and show us advertisements. Not only this, but some of the popups can even lead to a malware installation on our system, leading to many problems.
Apart from all these, people use them for free content by using VPN services. But most people don’t even know about the consequences. Next time you visit some of these websites, take necessary precautions so that free content does not jeopardize user privacy.

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