The Most Innovative Things That Are Happening With Peugeot 3008 Key Fob

Author : Logan Rich | Published On : 29 Jun 2024

What You Should Know About Your Peugeot Key Fob

Peugeot Key Fob lets drivers start the car from a distance. This can be useful during cold or hot weather conditions as it permits drivers to warm up the engine and interior before entering the vehicle.

Car dealerships are able to create and program new Peugeot keys for you but only if they have the patience to wait weeks for them to do it. KeyNOW is the only place where you can get your keys. KeyNOW we can cut programming, cut and give new Peugeot keys to you, much faster.

Keyless Entry

Some key fobs are also able to help start the engine of your car. This is useful if you have to leave the vehicle on hot days, or if you're carrying heavy items in the trunk that make it difficult to open the door manually. Press the unlock button on your key fob a few times to unlock the vehicle. The door locks will be locked and the red light will begin to flash. If it doesn't it means that the battery inside your key fob might be dead and in need of replacement. Also, RF interference coming from nearby buildings could cause interference to your system.

peugeot 307 key replacement G28 is that certain key fobs contain a physical key to unlock the car (often only for the driver's door but sometimes also for the boot). They can typically be opened by opening an opening on the fob, or by pressing a button on the case. The physical key can be pulled out of the slot inside the case.

Key fobs are susceptible to being damaged by water - especially when the chips within them are exposed to soapy or salty water. In certain instances chips that are damaged could cause key fobs to cease working. If this happens, the key fob will have to be replaced - usually by the dealer. However, locksmiths may offer replacement keys much faster than dealers, and at a lesser cost.

Remote Start

If your key fob comes with the remote start feature it will let you start the engine without having to hold your car keys in hand. This is particularly useful when it's hot outside and you're trying to cool your car while you run on errands. There are a few things that you should know before using this feature.

Certain key fobs have a specific remote engine start button (for instance Ford's key fob sports an arrow-shaped circular shape that runs clockwise) which you must press to start the car remotely. Mazdas, for instance require you to first lock the key and then press the Start button.

If you're unable start your car, you may have a dead or weak battery in the key fob. The battery inside the key fob isn't powerful enough to transmit a signal to the car system.

If this is the scenario, you'll have to replace the batteries on your key fob, or try reprogramming it. This procedure varies from car to car, but you can generally follow the instructions in the owner's manual. Our mobile technicians are able to assist with this process We've got the expert equipment to cut and program replacement Peugeot keys at the workplace, at home or if you're at the side of the road.

Door Locks

The Peugeot 3008 remote key system enables the owner to lock and unlock their vehicle at the touch of a button on the key fob. As opposed to the traditional keys that has a physical key hole, this key fob stores a hidden electronic copy of the car keys inside.

To accomplish this, it relies on a special radio signal that is only sent when the key is within a certain distance of the car. When the signal is detected, a solenoid inside the door lock transforms the electronic signal into the mechanical action. This turns a rod to operate the door locks, just as the physical key would.

If you find that your Peugeot key fob isn't locking or unlocking the vehicle, there are a variety of possibilities of the cause. The most common is a dead battery for the coin, which can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Other causes include worn-out buttons signal interference, or water damage or a damaged chip.

The key fob of modern cars is not an exception. Modern cars require extremely high level of precision to function. The key fob could be programmed incorrectly, or may have a hardware issue that prevents it from receiving a signal from the vehicle. A locksmith who is certified can reprogram the key fob and make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle.


Peugeot were among the first car makers to include an immobiliser chip in a key. This prevents the vehicle from being started in the event that the key sends the wrong signal to the car. This is great when they are new, but over time the chips will get worn out and cause issues. This typically starts with a message saying 'anti theft system active on the dashboard or a warning light is illuminated stating 'immobiliser fault'.

Typically, Peugeot dealerships must be called to create and programme replacement keys. Mobile locksmiths have dealer-standard equipment on their van. This means that they can design new Peugeot keys at your house or by the roadside much quicker than dealerships.

Generally Peugeot keys begin to experience problems because the key blade wears out. This wear causes the mouth of the key to stop from feeding into the lock properly, causing more wear on the locks themselves. The problem can be resolved by simply replacing the blade. It could also be beneficial to have the teeth on the key refurbished so that they can operate more efficiently. Only a licensed auto locksmith can do this, but it could save you a lot of time and money in the future.