The latest news about laser pointers

Author : Wallis Lucy | Published On : 18 Sep 2021

As a new type of light source, laser is favored in the high-end market due to its advantages such as good directionality, low attenuation, and visual sensitivity; laser pointer is a product of the laser product market segmentation, which can be used in teaching, surveying and mapping, entertainment, etc. On the one hand, the single-function laser pointer products on the market can no longer meet the increasing demand for Laser pointer products, and are gradually being replaced by multi-functional and more advantageous products; therefore, some manufacturers have used the original laser single-point instructions On the basis of the laser pointer products, a laser grating structure is added. The single-point laser can be divided into multiple spots or patterns after passing through the grating mechanism, and the pattern can be rotated and changed by manually rotating the grating structure. It is generally called in the market It is the starry star laser pointer; this product greatly increases the function and entertainment of the laser pointer, but manual adjustment is more cumbersome, and the pause in the rotation process also greatly affects people's visual experience.

The technical solution of the new type of laser pointer is as follows: it includes a pen case and a laser module, the laser module is arranged in the pen case, the front end of the laser module is provided with a first grating sheet and a second grating sheet, The second grating sheet is arranged at the center of the optical path of the laser module, and it also includes a motor. The motor is connected to the first grating sheet and is driven to rotate by the motor. A button is provided on the surface of the pen case to control the opening and closing of the laser module and the motor. This new type of blue laser pointer controller includes a receiver, a housing, a wireless transmission unit located inside the housing, a gyroscope, a circuit board, a laser transmitter fixed to the front end of the housing, the gyroscope and the laser transmitter The device is connected with the circuit board; the middle part of the upper side of the housing is fixed with a page turning wheel connected with the circuit board; a plurality of buttons are arranged around the page turning wheel, including the left mouse button, the right mouse button, and Turn on the laser turn-on key, the screen switch key, the mark key for marking, and the erase key for erasing the mark of the laser transmitter; each key is in contact with the corresponding contact on the circuit board.