the impact of artifical intelligence in education

Author : vishal patil | Published On : 25 Nov 2023

AI-directed Learning: An AI-driven machine can be loaded with predetermined expertise just as a teacher brings prior knowledge to the classroom. This AI-machined can then impart knowledge to the student just as a teacher does in a school. A real teacher may give certain learning activities and evaluate the student to see if the student has acquired the required learning outcomes. In AI-directed learning, the AI-driven machine, as a teacher does in the classroom, will also ensure that the student is guided on a predetermined learning trail to attaining the desired learning goals. Such a system can act as a tutor to the student during self-study after class hours. This mode of teaching-learning is called AI-directed learning, where the student remains a mere recipient of knowledge and follows a predetermined learning pathway. If AI-directed learning becomes popular, the need for home tutors may disappear. Mere imitation of a tutor using AI technology does not realize the full potential of AI. There are better ways of using AI to improve learning.

Today technology is so advanced we can store thousands of books in a few gigabytes of memory. An enormous amount of information is also available on the Internet. But greater access to a massive amount of information is only worthwhile if we read the relevant material. That is why we must underline developing reading habits for our students. Students also need to comprehend and critically think about what they read from the books and other resources. Real learning ensues only then. When the students become good learners and remain life-long learners, that reflects the quality of education provided to them. Quality in Education is accomplished when students are motivated to accumulate adequate knowledge and skills and can proficiently utilize these tools to find pragmatic solutions to pressing challenges in their lives and careers.

The educational sector is something that I am very passionate about. Among all other verticals, I believe the educational sector has yet to fully exploit technology's potential, particularly AI.

Artificial intelligence is having an impact in all aspects of life, but it may have the greatest impact on education. Regrettably, today's educational system is both costly and inflexible. In addition, it does not deliver a customized experience based on student ability and learning.