The First Bike for A Child Is A Rewarding Experience

Author : raz smiths | Published On : 20 Nov 2021

By their principle, balance bikes have a lot of similarities with a tolokar machine. They are, so to speak, a kind of bicycle, but without pedals. Not every kid is ready to ride a two-wheeled form of transport right away, but you can overcome fear and come to it consistently through a bike ride.

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This year my child rode a bike. At the time of the first tests, he was 4 years 3 months old, and after several attempts he began to keep on the bike himself, and a week later he was confidently driving in a straight line and making a U-turn. No additional support wheels were used. In this article, I would like to share a few points that I noted for myself in the matter of the first cycling trips.

The first thing that allowed the child to get on the bike with ease and ease is that before that he had very much and actively rode the Kinderfeets Classic Balance Bike. My son mastered it when he was 2.5 years old, and since then not a single one of our walks, even in winter, has gone without a bike. By the way, the bike withstood such intensive operation with a bang. Nothing has ever broken, nor has any backlash, and I think the balance bike will last not a single year. The only negative is that the son sometimes accelerated too much.

I cannot say that my son immediately got on the bike. Of course, boarding a bicycle is a new experience for a child, he is afraid of falling, hurries, growls, does not understand how to pedal. Many parents admitted that after the first attempts and mutual misunderstanding, they thought to postpone the bike for another year. J But lo and behold, from the third time the son realized that in order to ride it is necessary to pedal, and from the fifth time how to keep balance. And after 4-5 days he could go on his own.

Then the child began a period of enthusiasm. The balance bike is gathering dust, because it is "for little ones", on a bike the son quickly learned to turn around, drive along bumpy forest paths, climb a mountain and even try to do tricks. The most amazing thing is that we did not teach him anything, the son improvised himself. By the way, the example of other children is very contagious. On vacation, looking at my son, the daughter of my girlfriend, who had not shown interest in sports, and even more so in a bicycle, rode on a bicycle before.

Falls. Yes, this is the most painful topic, and alas, it did not pass us by. The most interesting thing is that when my son was learning to ride a bike, he never fell. I think it’s a great bike model (more on that in the next comment). However, there was a strong fall at the end of the summer, due to banal inattention (did not look where he was going). As the doctor told me later, those who have mastered skating perfectly and begin to play around, look around, etc. most often fall. So, we put on the helmet again.

And I would like to tell you more about the model of the Kinderfeets known as balance bike Canada we have chosen. The bike we have chosen probably played a major role in the fact that the child began to ride easily and quickly. Firstly, the geometry of the bike and our wooden balance bike are identical, so the fit was immediately comfortable and familiar to the child. Secondly, the bike is so competently made, without unnecessary parts and attachments, that nothing interfered with the child and did not distract him from mastering riding. Thirdly, the low height of the bike is absolutely safe, even if you fall on its side. And the most important thing is the lightest weight! For a beginner rider, every gram is important, so the child did not have to spend efforts to accelerate a heavy "horse".